Beltway Bubble: US Senators Internalize the Propaganda

Never underestimate the media’s power to deceive and delude. A question that could have grave implications on the prospects for avoiding war is the question of the extent to which Washington officials themselves have come to be deluded…

The following, recorded at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on June 7, would suggest that at least two members of the committee, Sens. Jeanne Shaheen of Connecticut and Marco Rubio of Florida, have internalized, or come to believe, the anti-Russian propaganda being pumped out by Western media. Shaheen’s question about what the US is doing to counter Russian “disinformation” is especially telling, for the question is worded in such a way–and the tone of her voice would suggest as well–that she is thoroughly convinced that the disinformation is coming entirely from the Russian side and not from the likes of the New York Times and CNN.

Much like Sheehan, Rubio, too, seems to detect no reason for questioning what US mega-media owners are telling him regarding the so-called “Russian aggression” we hear so much about. In fact, as you can see from his first question, Rubio seems totally to buy into the idea, propounded by Gen. Philip Breedlove, that Russia represents a “long term existential threat” to the US and Europe.

Interestingly, both Rubio and Shaheen seem to be bedazzled by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who is married to neocon Robert Kagan and was instrumental in carrying out the coup in Ukraine. What a person to place your faith and your trust in!

Should a vote come before the Senate on whether or not to go to war with Russia, how do you expect senators like Shaheen and Rubio, who have seemingly so thoroughly internalized the media line on Russia, will vote?

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