Berlin Wall Crack: Democratic Governor Comes Out Against Biden Vaccine Mandate (The Hill)

Ticker: CDC Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, COVID “vaccine” possibly linked deaths: 18,000+. Hospitalizations: 88,000+. Permanent disabilities: 28,000+. 

Above: Jummai Nache, MN medical worker mandated to take “vaccine,” now quadruple amputee after blood clotting (story here.)

Via The Hill

By Justin Coleman

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly, a Democrat, came out on Friday against President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for businesses with 100 or more employees, saying she doesn’t think it’s the “correct” or “most effective” move.

The Democratic governor, who is up for reelection next year, said she appreciates “the intention to keep people safe” but doesn’t think the administration’s vaccinate-or-test requirements serve as a “solution for Kansas.”

“It is too late to impose a federal standard now that we have already developed systems and strategies that are tailored for our specific needs,” she said. 

“I will seek a resolution that continues to recognize the uniqueness of our state and builds on our on-going efforts to combat a once-in-a-century crisis,” she added.

Her disapproval of the administration’s move comes as many Republican governors and attorneys general have voiced their opposition to the vaccine requirements for businesses.


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Under the rule issued this week, businesses with at least 100 employees have until Jan. 4 to require workers to either get vaccinated or undergo regular testing. Biden had issued an executive order earlier this year calling for the requirement, which is expected to cover 84 million people.

Officials also extended the deadline for federal contractors to get vaccinated, giving workers until Jan. 4 to align with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. 

The administration predicts the latest federal mandate will save thousands of lives and prevent more than 250,000 hospitalizations in its first six months. Kansas has seen more than 6,400 COVID-19 deaths and beyond 15,000 hospitalizations throughout the pandemic.

Kansas is ranked in the middle of the pack for its vaccination rate, with the state government reporting 53.7 percent of the total population have gotten at least one dose, while less than half are fully vaccinated. [end]

Below: Denver police officer, can no longer “carry my kids to bed” (view at Bitchute)

Below: Bill Gates: “you don’t have a choice” (view at Bitchute)

Bill Gates with Klaus Schwab at 2019 World Economic Forum, author of The Great Reset (story: Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Platform Accuses “Great Reset” Mastermind Klaus Schwab of “Racketeering” with Pandemic)

Below: Fauci, Gates, NIH Director Francis Collins

Bill Gates arriving at Klaus Schwab’s 2019 World Economic Forum, where world leaders and business elites meet behind closed doors, possibly in violation of the Logan Act.

Rand Paul to Fauci: “There will be accountability…including yourself.” (view at Bitchute)


TAKE ACTION: 27 States Now to Ban Vaccine Mandates

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