BEWARE: Nucleic acid vaccines use a GENE GUN that forces mutated code into your cells to create protein prions that clog your blood

Did you know that hundreds of Covid-19 vaccines are now in production? Oh, wait, you thought you could just get two vaccines, and maybe a booster jab later, and be done with this whole pandemic thing? You are dead wrong. If you don’t continually get every single vaccine the CDC mandates, then your Covid passes and passports and SIM cards will be suspended until you do.

Inch by inch you are being dragged into the quicksand of zero human rights, zero medical rights, zero communication rights, and zero travel rights. Next comes nucleic acid vaccines that use a gene gun to force a mutated code into your cells, instructing them to produce exponential waste proteins your body cannot use or dispose of either. It’s violent medicine. Violent vaccines.

Make no mistake about it, for the mRNA vaccines that use viral-vector-based technology – mRNA is still part of the code those vaccines deliver into your cells, instructing them to create endless amounts of proteins, fragments, and prions, until your blood clots in damage control. This is proven in clinical research and has been termed vaccination-induced cerebral venous sinus thrombositopenia, or VI-CVST for short.

Hundreds of Covid-19 vaccines are now in production, so sheeple should expect at least 5 to 7 “booster” and “variant” jabs per year, starting in 2022

You can watch the CDC-promoted video on vector vaccines and nucleic acid vaccines and see for yourself, in all their arrogance and insidiousness, shove the information right down your throat, while forcing it into your cells using vaccine “technology.”

Want to really understand why these Covid-19 vaccines are causing horrific blood clots in nations and countries ALL around the world? This is why they’re working on so many vaccines, because the more you get, the worse the blood clotting gets. It’s all about population reduction, involuntary abortions, and sterility.

Watch this short video explanation of how the Covid-19 vaccines force mutated information into your cells that take over control of creating unlimited protein prions.

Nucleic Acid Vaccines force the human body to produce disease-causing “proteins” that mimic virus fragments, causing deadly immune response against them

Once you’ve been vaccinated with Covid-19 mRNA and “gene therapy” jabs, your body is now a mass prion-creating factory, where your previously healthy cells now create “synthetic” sticky fragments that spread through your blood and cling to the inner walls of your blood vessels, including arteries and veins from the heart to the brain.

The “immune response” the CDC and vaccine industrial complex elicits is not one to recognize Covid-19, but to attack the newly created virus-looking proteins that are floating in your blood, everywhere. They even cross the blood-brain barrier, thanks to mRNA technology.

If you’ve been inoculated for Covid-19, or you are considering it, consider this. Administration of nucleic acid vaccines results in the endogenous (comes from within, not external) generation of viral proteins that mimic antigen produced during a REAL viral infection, but multiply that by 1,000, and that’s why the response can be so deadly.

Of greatest concern is the DURATION OF EXPRESSION of which no patient to date has yet to be informed. How long and how fast does the body create these viral proteins? What are the quantity and frequency, and what is the quality?

There are ZERO clinical trials for safety or efficacy regarding the duration of expression for the creation of prions, proteins, and virus-mimicking fragments in the human blood. The blood clot epidemic will be the pandemic, not Covid. Get it?

These lab-created, man-made “endogenous gene sequences” are now part of the human DNA coding for all people on Earth who have been injected. The expected rate of blood clot infection is endogenous to the system, and to the embedded code the viral vector vaccines delineate. These toxic endogenous substances your body now creates contrast with toxic exogenous ones, such as prescription medications, alcohol, street drugs, artificial ingredients in foods, GMOs, and much more. It’s like your body is creating bad cholesterol uncontrollably, even when you’re eating clean.

Still, wondering why people all around the world that have received the Covid vaccines are suffering from an inflamed heart? Visit if you already got a toxic Covid jab and are experiencing side effects, blood clots, adverse events, blindness, deafness, or dementia (then have your loved ones help you).

You see, mercury in flu vaccines was not enough to kill Americans off fast enough, it was just enough to make them all stupid enough to believe in fake news and the CDC. So now they have gene therapy vaccines.

Source: NaturalNews


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