Big Tech platforms ready their censorship plans for the midterms

sept 2 2022

Gab Community,

I’m writing to update you on the progress Gab has made over the summer and on our plans for the fall and into election season. Let me start off by saying that while Big Tech platforms ready their censorship plans for the midterms, Gab will once again be the only platform allowing the free flow of information and free speech in our community. We will not be and nor have we ever policed “misinformation” or “disinformation” or any other Communist buzzword the Regime wants to come up with to stifle dissent.

As we learned recently from Mark Zuckerberg’s interview with Joe Rogan, the Regime put pressure on Facebook to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story shortly before the 2020 election. While Facebook was suppressing this story and Twitter was outright blocking people from sharing it, Gab was the one social network on the internet that had the details of the story shared freely all over the platform.

It’s not our responsibility as a platform to decide what is “disinformation.” Our responsibility as a platform is to provide a place where people can speak freely online. Gab is the only alt-tech platform on the internet to fully protect any and all political speech–even speech we personally disagree with–which is why we continue to be the largest of all the alt-tech social networks despite not being on the App Stores, being blacklisted and shunned even by “conservative” media outlets, and being defamed by demonic mainstream media outlets.

If you add up the traffic and usage of all other alt-tech social networks combined Gab is still almost double their size and that margin is growing. This isn’t an accident. Gab is the place to be to find out what everyday people are actually thinking and talking about. Gab is the one place where normal people can share their thoughts, concerns, and ideas without fear of being censored, silenced, or harassed by some woke mob. Gab is the only place where free speech–the good, bad, and ugly–can be found. In a world that is increasing fake, phony, and manufactured Gab is a breath of fresh air and a dose of reality.

This summer Gab faced some tremendous challenges. The media smears against us have been relentless because Pa Gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano dared to pay us a mere $5,000 for advertising in the Spring and dozens of other candidates have been using our platform to communicate with voters. We have faced months of endless attacks against our community and against myself personally– which has certainly been taxing on my family.

My face and Gab’s logo were all over MSNBC, CNN, the New York Times, and more for the entire summer because I’m an outspoken Christian who built a website that defends free speech for all people. The CEO of the ADL- an anti-Christian hate merchant named Jonathan Greenblatt–called me “one of the most toxic people in public life” on national television.

Mastriano’s opponent, Josh Shapiro, is currently spending one million dollars defaming–and promoting–Gab in both digital and TV ads calling the platform a “White Supremacist website.” Finally not to be outdone, Congress sent me a letter demanding all sorts of information about our business.

It’s been an interesting summer, to say the least.

Thanks to the barrage of media attention Gab’s traffic and growth has soared. In August alone Gab had over 78 million visits from 18 million unique visitors and hundreds of millions of page views. To put things in perspective Gab is now bigger than almost every “mainstream” media outlet with the exception of Fox News and CNN. So now you understand why they are all constantly defaming and attacking our community. We are their competition. You are their competition.

Even in the midst of all of these attacks and challenges our team rose to the occasion and continued to build out our vision for a Parallel Economy. We launched Gab Pay, our Paypal alternative, Gab Voice, our Zoom alternative, and made tremendous updates to Gab Ads our in-house advertising platform that is powering small business growth in our community. This month we will also be publishing our first book: Christian Nationalism. We’ve also been working on a total overhaul of the Gab Social user interface which we expect to launch this fall. Here’s an early look at it.

None of these accomplishments would have been possible without the support we have from the great people in our community. Gab doesn’t have some big venture capital firm backing us. We aren’t a public company like Facebook and Twitter. We operate our business on cash flow and our business is cash flow positive thanks to support from people like you every month.

A cash flow positive social network without major backing is unheard of. It took Twitter 12 years before they hit their first profitable quarter after sinking billions of dollars into the business from Saudi Princes, hedge funds, and other special interests. We are up against multi-national corporations with thousands of employees and endless resources, but by God’s Grace our community provides us with the resources to pay the bills and keep building.

In an effort to be more transparent I am going to share an overview of our expenses with you. Running a website as big as Gab is not cheap, but we are doing so on a razor thin budget and do our best to be faithful and Biblical stewards of the finances the community provides us. Our target revenue goal for each month is $300,000. That’s what it takes to keep Gab operating in a cash-flow positive capacity, but how do our expenses break down and where is that money going?

As many of you already know Gab owns and operates our own servers. We have servers in several different data centers across the country and the world. We have to pay people to monitor, maintain, and operate these servers. When hardware fails we have to buy new hardware to replace it and physically go to the data centers to do so. We have power, storage, and internet bandwidth costs associated with all of this at each location. In total we spend about $150,000 a month–or half of our monthly burn rate–on infrastructure alone.

Our Team and Operational Costs
Our team is made up of engineers, support staff, lawyers, accountants, contractors, and moderators. We are all based in the US and Gab is creating American jobs. We don’t have some big fancy office, we all work from home. Paying our team and covering all other operational expenses makes up the second half of our monthly burn. When you support Gab you are helping our team feed our families and continue to build, maintain, and operate Gab.

How You Can Support Gab

1. GabPRO- community members can upgrade to GabPRO for $15 a month or $99 a year to help us cover our expenses. GabPRO allows you to become verified, unlocks additional features on Gab, and grants access to Gab Voice among other perks.

2. The Gab Shop– we sell hats, shirts, mugs, and other merchandise on our shop.

3. Make a donation- you can donate to support our infrastructure costs on the Gab Shop.

4. Gab Ads- businesses and brands can run ads on Gab to reach a community of people who share their values.

I hope you will consider supporting us and our mission to defend free speech online for all people and build a parallel economy. Thank you for being a valued member of our growing community. May God bless you.

Andrew Torba
Jesus is King


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