Billionaire Koch brothers in the dock over trades with Iran

Guy Adams
The Independent

October 4, 2011

The leading financiers of the Tea Party movement were last night attempting to rebut claims that a portion of their wealth comes from secretly doing business with the most un-American trading partner imaginable: the hard-line government of Iran.

Charles and David Koch, the prominent billionaires who fund a string of influential conservative think-tanks, stand accused of selling tens of millions of dollars worth of petrochemicals to Tehran, despite a longstanding US trade embargo against the nation that the former President, George W Bush, dubbed a pillar of his “Axis of Evil”.

It has been reported that Koch Industries used foreign subsidiaries to supply the products, in an apparent effort to stay within the letter – if not the spirit – of the law. It has been suggested that the company used dozens of lawyers to help find a way around the embargo, and was trading with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s regime as recently as 2007.

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11 Responses to “Billionaire Koch brothers in the dock over trades with Iran”

  1. Iran needs to carefully examine how the post-p/11 Libyan situation played out before engaging in any trade with US interest, be it through back channels or on the surface in the event tensions and sanctions ease. Playing with the Koch brothers and their ilk is like feeding a pack of wolves at the campsite. They don’t just want a bone or two, they want everything you got!

    • correction: post-9/11

  2. you are a few steps behind. the co opted ‘tea party” is nothing more than a branch of the republican party. i dont think anyone that has a jist of what’s going on supports their agenda. if you dont believe me, just check out and see how much ron paul is liked among his republican breathren.
    like most things, they start out as being great ideas, until you add people, then they turn into something else. when i saw sarah palin holding “tea party” town hall meetings, i knew the party was over (no pun intended).
    most people that come to this webpage are into freedom, not american imperialism all over the world, policing the world, or have our rights stripped from us to be safe. most on here would rather take our own chances.

    • as far as iran, ive been there a few times, last trips was in january. great time, no hassles, and no prob. only until i came back here. embargos and sanctions dont work, cuba is a perfect example. all you do with them is empower the regime, give them a reason to blame, and the majority of the citizens suffer.
      we want change in those countries? invest in them, open up businesses there, dont think it will work? look how china has spanked us..

      • Great comments. I plan on visiting Iran hope to have no hassles, too. It’s good to see a country stand up to zionism zionland. Foreign entanglements by the U.S. have been detrimental to everyone. Peace prosperity go hand in hand. Best wishes for the future.

  3. Well, I don’t think trade embargoes hurt anyone but us anyways. It is just to stop us from selling things to people that want to buy. They can’t have our stuff and we can’t have their money. Besides, does anyone really doubt that a movement that big is not backed by a financial entity at some level anyways? The Tea Party, run by the people that we really need to throw into the Boston Harbor, along with most of the rest of our politicians and bank moguls.

    • Here is a great new idea, the Boston Corruption Party. Where we bust open politicians and banksters and toss them into the harbor!

  4. If this had been George Soros, Alex would have wall to wall coverage and all of the faithful info warriors would be calling for Soro’s head…but the Koch’s are Tea Party financiers so what they do is a-okay…hypocrites!

  5. Hmm…no comments. I wonder why?

    • My internet got shut off, even though we paid the bill. And I got up late this morning, lol. But I do agree with you somewhat. Alex does need to do a little something on the Tea Party, even if it means losing some subscribers. While I have no doubt that the people who started it had their hearts in the right place, they obviously needed large financial support to get to where they are. Anywhere there is large financial backing, there will be corruption on some level: it is unavoidable as long as people are involved. No one in their right mind is going to say “We want your money, but when we take it we are not going to push for any agenda you have.” That’s just not how you keep your backers in reality. It would be nice if it did work that way though.

    • David Koch is a Libertarian sugar-daddy. Fred Koch is a member of the John Birch Society. ‘Free-Enterprise’ Fred Koch built refineries in Yusef Stalin’s Soviet Union in the 30′s.

      he nrymak

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