Bitchute Caves to Jewish-Marxist Pressure – Embraces Censorship

Bitchute is going the way of jewtube towards brutal censorship of pro-white voices.

My Bitchute channel was recently blocked in most EU countries as well as Russia. At first I thought this was because the EU put out some ban list and Bitchute was just complying.

But it turns out that Bitchute’s moderation team is the one who decided to preemptively block my channel in all countries that have hate speech or holohoax denial laws.

This is the message you now get.

“Contents have been deemed potentially illegal within your country by our moderation team.”

There it is… Bitchute has censored me on the basis that it “could” be illegal content in certain countries that don’t let citizens criticize brown people, jews or homosexuals.

Why would Bitchute do this? They were under no threat to do so. Unless they receive a legal notice from some government agency from one of these countries to block this content, then who cares?

Bitchute admittedly listens to the criticism of anti-white marxists who demand they remove white nationalist content.

Fuck Bitchute.

Bitchute capitalized on the censorship of jewtube to build its platform, marketing itself as a “pro-free speech alternative”. But this proves they’re going in the same direction as jewtube. They used dissidents to build their brand and platform and are now throwing us under the bus for convenience.

Now that they’ve got a big user base and steady income, they’re “mainstreaming” themselves to become just another censored, jew-controlled platform.

You can find my videos on World Truth Videos which appears to be a true free speech platform. Please sign up for an account on World Truth. Also, subscribe to my Telegram channels to get new videos and content.

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