Blacks Feeling a Sense of Justice and Empowerment from the Dallas Commando Rambro Raid

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Commando Rambro Micah Xavier Johnson skillfully executed several police officers in retaliation for past police killings of blacks. His feint around a structural support column took his opponent completely by surprise and enabled him to shoot the cop in the back. The only chance the policeman had was to hit Commando Rambro when he broke cover to charge the cop’s position. But the cop hid behind the column fearing the approaching rifle fire. Judging by the sparks flying from ricochets, Commando Rambro was using steel core/jacketed ammo.

There was a palpable change in the demeanor of blacks the following day. After the police killings, but before this raid, blacks appeared preoccupied, agitated, troubled and very angry. After the attack, they appeared joyful, happy and empowered. This an anecdotal observation of blacks I personally observed. On the radio, blacks were busy distancing BLM and blacks in general from Commando Rambro’s raid, but even then, their rhetoric was substantially calmer and more measured than it had been prior to the battle.

The story behind this miniwar is intriguing. It resembles in many ways the plot of the movie Rambo and the OK City bombing, which followed Waco and Ruby Ridge.

It is also reminiscent of the wars which have been taking place in American prisons for a very long time. Blacks, Mexicans and Whites have been battling it out amongst themselves and against the guards seemingly forever. This is now spilling out onto the streets.

The blacks feel that the street police are engaging in the same abuses which have taken place behind the shrouded gates of our prisons, and that they will respond to the guards in the same way they do in prisons and jails. The significant difference is that there are no limits placed on their actions, no weapons searches, no bars to inhibit their movement.

We are on the cusp of a race war, much like the race and gang wars taking place in the prisons. Blacks are attacking police and Whites on the streets, and have been doing so for quite some time. Whites have not done much to strike back, at least not yet, but tensions are rising. Blacks have been committing horrific and cowardly violence against Whites which the media cover up. Word is spreading, however, and with it a rage is building.

The jewish controlled media are doing all they can to misrepresent the situation. Today, I heard them discussing White on black crime, as if black on White crime did not exist. But the veil has been lifted. The media are exposing themselves as an anti-White propaganda machine in league with our enemies.

Peaceful means must be explored before war breaks out on a massive scale. The government has been coaxing us to arm ourselves, by threatening to eliminate the second amendment. We are now heavily armed. The blacks are lighting the fuse and an explosion is coming if nothing rational is done to prevent it.

We should enter into negotiations with blacks to resolve this conflict in an equitable manner, which will benefit and better the position of our race and our nation. There is not an insurmountable gulf between us, and the responses of Commando Rambro and Timothy McVeigh are not so very different, and have only served to increase the tyranny of our government.

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