Blakeney’s ‘Blood Libel’ Against Germany

An admirer of mass murderer Mao Zedong lectures us on the “horrors of Nazi Germany.” How quaint! Commie propaganda dies hard, I guess.

By ZionCrimeFactory

ABOUT A MONTH or two ago I penned an article entitled, “A Real History Lesson for Misguided ‘Truthers’” [1], within which I comprehensively rebut the farcical statements of two so-called “truthers” who had been spouting deceptive Jewish propaganda on radio shows and in articles posted on alternative media websites. The Communist duo, Anthony J. Hall (a professor at the University of Lethbridge) and Joshua Blakeney (a graduate student at the University of Lethbridge, close associate of Hall, and staff writer for have been passionately fornicating with Zionist fables, particularly those told about Germany, the Nazis and the Second World War, whilst ironically purporting to be against Zionism.

Most recently Blakeney gave a videotaped interview with a television network in Canada within which he references my article about him several times. (embedded below)

Does Blakeney have any self-respect?

Blakeney, a self-professed “anti-racist Marxist Internationalist,” seems to think I’ve done him a great service by writing that article denouncing him as a Judeophile who blindly regurgitates Zionist hoax “gas chamber” propaganda about WWII because he can point to it to prove to the Jew overseers of political/historical discourse in Canada that he’s no “anti-semite”, since a real anti-semite like me is denouncing him, hah. Evidently Blakeney is on some sort of appease-the-Jews crusade, bending over backwards professing his undying faith in Zion’s very own Canonical religion — Holocaustianity. Blakeney’s own words betray him as a disingenuous fraud and cognizant liar (not rare for a Communist, I must say).

At the 3:50 juncture of the first video, after mentioning my article about him, Blakeney states: “I am not a holocaust denier by any means, I’ve been to Auschwitz, I’ve seen the gas chambers.”

Chimney emerging from the ground next to the fake “gas chamber” in Auschwitz. Nice work Jew Commies, you forgot to connect it to the building!

Since Blakeney has read my article which decisively exposes the lies about Auschwitz he should be well aware that the “gas chamber” he “saw” in Auschwitz I (main camp) is admittedly a “reconstruction” or “replica” (i.e. a FAKE) constructed three years after the war by (his heroes) the Soviet Communists [2]. It is about as genuine as the fairy castle in Orlando. The building is located only 30 meters away from the SS hospital building, a dangerously inept place to put a “gas chamber.” In reality it merely served as a morgue and then was converted into an air raid shelter [3]. The wicked Soviets, after having captured the Auschwitz complex in 1945, gave the building a “home makeover” by knocking down all of the walls within, ripping out the toilets, as well as haphazardly punching a number of crude holes in the roof which are now touted as the openings which the “eviiil Nazis” used to drop Zyklon B insecticide pellets from above to gas the poor Jews huddled in the room below. The door leading into the fake gas chamber is a flimsy wooden door with an old-type kitchen door handle that is not even close to being air-tight, and thus anyone on the other side would have been killed in a matter of minutes. It even has an unbroken plate glass window in it. A gas chamber of that magnitude requires a high chimney to evacuate the gas. The chimney that exists there today is not even connected to the building! [4]

If Blakeney has been to Auschwitz (now a Disneyland-style tourist attraction) I wonder why he neglected to mention to the interviewer the fact that Auschwitz had a swimming pool (located in the inmates side of the camp, fitted with a diving board! [5]), a post office, a cinema, a theater, a library, a maternity ward, an artists studio, religious facilities, a sauna, and an oh-so-deathly soccer field [6]. That’s right, a soccer field in Auschwitz which Jews themselves have testified to playing on [7][8].

At the 12:22 juncture of the first video Blakeney recklessly floats out the pitiful, thoroughly disproved lie that “Six Million Jews” died between 1939-1945 at the hands of Germans. Despite flaunting his “anti-racist credentials” to the interviewer, Blakeney loudly and proudly endorses the racist anti-German blood libel: “If one remembers the horrific events of world war two, the Nazi death machine, the industrialized mass-murder of six million Jews…”

The Jews have endeavored to engender this “Six Million dead Jews” fable in the public consciousness for decades prior to the events of the 1940’s.

Having read my article, “A Real History Lesson For Misguided ‘Truthers’”, he has to know this is untrue, yet promotes it anyway. He knows very well that nowhere near 6,000,000 Jews died in German concentration camps. Having read my article, Blakeney is well aware of the dozens of previous deceitful attempts by Jews and Zionists to promulgate the ridiculous sob story that “6,000,000 Jews” were under attack, being persecuted or on the verge of extermination dating back to the late 19th century [9] — an effort, as Rabbi Stephen Wise let slip in 1900, that was designed to amass public sympathy and support for Zionism [10]. Having read my article, Blakeney is well aware that, in 1990, the Auschwitz State Museum officially reduced the death toll at Auschwitz from the grotesque exaggeration of 4,000,000 (a figure repeated as FACT by historians, politicians, journalists and all authority figures for 45 years!) to 1,000,000 [11][12] (a figure no more credible than the original four million hoax; revisionists say about 150 thousand died there from all causes). If the Allied powers, as the instruments of Jewish intrigue, were (admittedly) willing to invent 3,000,000 mythical victims of the Nazis at Auschwitz, how many other “victims of the Nazis” could have been conjured out of thin air? Well, a lot more.

Deborah Lipstadt and Professor Peter Novick, two zealous Zionist Holocaust promoters and opponents of Holocaust Revisionism, have both independently confirmed in their books that Simon Wiesenthal (the world’s most famous “holohoax survivor”, notorious “Nazi hunter” and pathological liar) outright invented the five million non-Jewish deaths that supposedly happened in the holocaust [13]. It was nothing more than a marketing ploy to garner interest in the holocaust from non-Jews. In an article entitled Simon Wiesenthal and the Ethics of History, Lipstadt wrote:

“When Israeli historians Yehuda Bauer and Yisrael Gutman challenged Wiesenthal on this point, he admitted that he had invented the figure of eleven million victims in order to stimulate interest in the Holocaust among non-Jews. He chose five million because it was almost, but not quite, as large as six million. When Elie Wiesel asked Wiesenthal who these supposed five million victims were, Wiesenthal exploded and accused him of suffering from “Judeocentrism.” In recent months, Wiesenthal’s concoction has been further improved upon by a group of rabbis and imams who visited Auschwitz under the aegis of the US State Department. The statement they issued after their visit referred to the “twelve million victims, six million Jews and six million non-Jews.” Now we have parity. One wonders what’s next.” [14]

In the 1963 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica it was stated, “At Mauthausen, one of the extermination camps in Austria, close to 2000000 people, mostly Jews, were exterminated between 1941 and 1945.” [15] Today the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website now reads [16]: “An estimated 197,464 prisoners passed through the Mauthausen camp system between August 1938 and May 1945. At least 95,000 died there. More than 14,000 were Jewish.” So it is now alleged that only 95,000 people (14,000 of which were Jews) perished in that camp, most likely from disease and starvation — an exaggeration of 1,905,000! The original Nuremberg Trial indictment charged the Nazis with murdering 1,500,000 people at Majdanek, a camp in Poland [17]. This absurd figure was conjured by a Zionist propagandist named Saul Hayes who was on the payroll of the Canadian Jewish Congress [18]. It has now been officially revised to 79,000 [19] — an exaggeration of 1,421,000! Revisionists arrived at an even lower figure of between 42,500 to 50,000. [20]

If you combine all of those admitted death-toll exaggerations together you get 11,326,000 made-up victims of the Nazis! And those are just the ones that have been officially admitted by supporters of the holocaust legend to be mythical. Revisionists have determined there are a whole lot more mythical “victims of the Nazis” that the liars are desperately trying to uphold as real victims. The holocaust battleship has sunk, ladies and gentlemen!

At the 0:40 mark of the second video Blakeney opines: “the thing is with Holocaust revisionists you have a choice: you could shoot them, you could lock them up, or you could rub shoulders with them and show them what an exemplary journalist does, you know, use empirical evidence like I do, oppose racism like I do…”

The hypocrisy displayed within this statement is unparalleled. I wonder why the self-professed “exemplary journalist” hasn’t been able to figure out the holocaust is a Zionist hoax to pave the way for Israel’s illegitimate creation by now? Has he studied the subject with an open mind, actually taking the time to research the other side of the story? Has he read and examined the legendary works of Professor Robert Faurisson, Arthur Butz, Jurgen Graf, Carlo Mattogno, Ernst Zundel, Ditlieb Felderer, Fredrich Paul Berg, Germar Rudolf, Paul Grubach, Mark Weber of the Institute for Historical Review, Bradley Smith of CODOH, and other revisionist scholars? Has he seen the documentary films which scientifically refute the official Zionist narrative point by point, such as “One Third of the Holocaust”, “Buchenwald a Dumb Dumb Portrayal of Evil,” Jewish revisionist David Cole’s “The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz”, Fredrick Toben’s “Judea Declares War On Germany”, among other revisionist films? I highly doubt it.

Where are the bright blue stains in the alleged “homicidal gas chambers” as can be found in the delousing chambers? Big problem for the liars!

Blakeney professes to champion “empirical evidence” yet there is absolutely NO empirical evidence that anywhere near six million Jews died between 1939-1945 at the hands of the Nazis, but there exists multitudes of evidence to the contrary. If Blakeney was truly concerned with empirical evidence he would have acknowledged the studies done by German chemist Germar Rudolf (jailed for his research!) [21][22], and American execution-equipment expert Fred Leuchter (hounded and fired from his job for his research!) [23], who did forensic-technical analysis of the so-called “homicidal gas chambers” of Auschwitz. These well-qualified experts took samples from the walls of the various rooms claimed to be the gas chambers in Auschwitz, sent them to forensic labs to be tested for cyanide residue and discovered their samples contained either zero or near zero cyanide levels — thus discrediting the claims that mass amounts of people could have been killed in these facilities. “For chemical-physical reasons,” concludes Rudolf, “the claimed mass gassings with hydrocyanic acid in the alleged ‘gas chambers’ in Auschwitz did not take place.” Eyewitness claims of gassings in Auschwitz are not consistent with the laws of natural science, he affirms: “The supposed facilities for mass killing in Auschwitz and Birkenau were not suitable for this purpose… The supposed gas chambers in Auschwitz and Birkenau did not come into contact with Zyklon B. In legal language: the weapon was not loaded.”

Yet, the walls of the delousing chambers (rooms where Zyklon B was used to disinfect clothing to prevent the spread of typhus-carrying lice; coincidentally a policy to save lives not take them) contained large levels of cyanide residue [24], and had massive blue staining on the walls, which is absent from the rooms claimed to be the “homicidal gas chambers.” Another key point discrediting the story of mass gassings is the fact that the Nazis delivered the exact same amount of Zyklon B to Auschwitz, where it is still falsely claimed up to a million people were gassed, and to camps where no one is claimed to have been gassed, such as camps in Germany-proper like Oranienburg [25][26]. Oranienburg is situated in Germany itself, and not even the wildest Holocaust exaggeration has ever claimed that there was a homicidal gas chamber at Oranienburg camp. The existence of proof of shipments of Zyklon-B to be used as a delousing agent to Oranienburg, is conclusive evidence of the real purpose for which that chemical was actually used for in the camps.

Moreover, Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS camp administration office, sent a directive dated Dec. 28, 1942, to Auschwitz and the other concentration camps sharply criticizing the high death rate of inmates due to disease, and ordered that “camp physicians must use all means at their disposal to significantly reduce the death rate in the various camps.” Furthermore, it ordered: “The camp doctors must supervise more often than in the past the nutrition of the prisoners and, in cooperation with the administration, submit improvement recommendations to the camp commandants … The camp doctors are to see to it that the working conditions at the various labor places are improved as much as possible.” Finally, the directive stressed that “the Reichsführer SS [Heinrich Himmler] has ordered that the death rate absolutely must be reduced.” [27]

This article about Auschwitz uses simple logic to debunk the extermination story:

Women, children, sick and elderly, (supposedly “gassed upon arrival” according to official fable) found alive and well when Auschwitz was liberated! Click to enlarge

“As the Soviet army advanced westward, the Nazis closed down the Auschwitz camp and forced all able bodied inmates to evacuate westward with them — once again contradicting the mass murder theory. If the Nazis had indeed wanted to kill all the inmates of Auschwitz, there would have been no logical reason to take Jews with them back into the Reich. The obvious intention in evacuating all able bodied inmates was to keep using them as labor at other locations, once again underlining the real purpose of the Auschwitz complex [a work camp].

The evacuation of all able bodied inmates from Auschwitz by the Nazis meant that only the elderly, children or sick remained behind in that camp when it was overrun by the advancing Soviet army. Herein lies another interesting but suppressed fact: as the pictures below show, the inmates of Auschwitz, as photographed shortly after the camp was overrun in January 1945, were the sickest and most disabled of all the prisoners – yet they actually do not look that sick or undernourished at all.

These prisoners compare dramatically with the inmates found in camps in Germany itself, such as Bergen Belsen, where the lice borne disease typhus, had wreaked havoc, causing masses of prisoners there to die as dehydrated, emaciated skeleton figures. It remains thus one of the ironies of the Holocaust story, that the skin and bone body photographs which are used as ‘evidence’ of the Nazi’s “genocide”, do not originate in the so-called “extermination” camps, but from the camps in Germany proper, where no-one alleges that gas chambers existed.” (also see this)

The same people who have been ramming the gas chambers garbage down our throats for all these years also, at one time, tried to pawn off abominable nonsense that the Nazis murdered Jews at Treblinka and Belzec, not by gassing, but by steaming them to death in “steam chambers” and by electrocution [28][29]. Those preposterous claims about steam chambers and electrocution devices, which were upheld as “proven fact” by the Jew-run Allied governments for decades, have since been completely dropped from the official story due to the efforts of determined revisionist scholars exposing them as hideous lies — truly a ‘blood libel’ against Germany. And who could forget the admittedly bogus claims that the skin of Jews was used to make “lampshades,” and their fat used to produce “human soap.” The soap story turns out to be resurrected British propaganda stories from World War I [30][31]. These now-admitted hoaxes are a testament to the completely phony nature of the entire holocaust story, and the flaccid credibility of its progenitors and defenders.

That’s real empirical evidence for you, which Blakeney not only refuses to accept, but shuns.

In the videotaped interview Blakeney firmly denounces Holocaust Revisionists, i.e. those of us who rightly accept the rock-solid empirical evidence refuting the claims of Zionists about what happened in German concentration camps during WWII. This is at the height of hypocrisy coming from Blakeney, who is an avowed Communist who denies/downplays the unspeakable crimes of Communism. He is a card carrying water boy for the greatest group of totalitarian mass murderers in human history! In response to an email I had sent him a few months back, Blakeney disputed the Jewish/Communist-inflicted genocide of at least 40 million Gentiles in the USSR! After a few paragraphs extolling the virtues of evil Communism, he went on to feign skepticism over the proven allegation of the industrialized mass murder of tens of millions of Gentiles in the Soviet Union by Jewish Communists [32][33][34]. Thus, the mealy-mouthed charlatan, denies and disputes the Jewish Commie holocaust of tens of millions of Gentiles during the seven-decade-long Judeo-Bolshevist reign of terror in Russia and Eastern Europe [35][36]. He’s one to talk about “holocaust denial”!

I presume that Blakeney also hypocritically denies/disputes the Communist genocide of between 45 to 70 million Chinese people (during peacetime!) under the rule of Chinese Communist dictator Mao Zedong, considering how he affectionately quoted the genocidal leader in the aforementioned interview without batting an eyelash.

The long-planned holocaust hoax paved the way for the formation of the international Jewish crime hub, known as “Israel.”

The Jews, particularly those of the Zionist persuasion, had a huge political motive to lie, embellish and exaggerate their experiences in the German camps during WWII. The Jews needed sympathy, they needed support, and they needed money (which came in the form of “reparations” from West Germany since Jews never pay for their own endeavors), for the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine after the war. A feat accomplished through terror and ethnic cleansing by Zionist terrorist groups: the Irgun, Haganah and Stern Gang [37]. The Jews needed an ideological weapon to muzzle any/all critics and opponents of Zionism. Zionist Jews from Europe and Russia who had been lusting for Palestine since the late 19th century, needed a sob story to quell open discussion of their massacres and subjugation of the indigenous Arab people of Palestine. Indeed, the long-time president of the World Jewish Congress, and key Zionist plotter in WWI/WWII intrigues, Nahum Goldmann (who, in 1940, miraculously “predicted” that there would be 6,000,000 Jewish victims of the Nazis [38]) admitted in his 1976 book, The Jewish Paradox, that several Jews from the WJC concocted the reparations scheme years before the end of the war, hoping to use the funds to finance Jewish settlement in Palestine after the war [39].

Unlike the Jews, the Russians, Eastern Europeans and Chinese, who suffered decades of torturous, inhuman poverty, hunger, slave labor, mass murder and genocide, under the yoke of Communism, had absolutely no such motives to fabricate the victims of Communism, as modern-day Marxists and Commies disgustingly contend. Blakeney and his Judeo-Marxist fellow travelers don’t have any arguments to deny the Jewish/Communist genocides of tens of millions of Gentiles in Russia, Europe, China and other places. They do so solely to protect the Jewish perpetrators responsible for those unthinkable crimes against humanity under the guise of Bolshevism.

Can you think of a more evil and depraved scenario than this (?): fabricating a genocide to provide yourself with a pretext to commit a real genocide and land acquisition against a people that had nothing to do with the aforementioned fake genocide, and, to top it off, using the guilt-money extracted from the people falsely accused of that fake genocide to accomplish it! That is the most malevolent thing a group of people on earth could possibly perpetrate against humanity, and the Jews are supremely guilty of it!

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Goldmann admits the swindle


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  2. […] then the Jews doubled-down and committed the most egregious “blood libel” against the Germans by inventing the Holocaust™ myth — blaming it on Christian […]

  3. […] then the Jews doubled-down and committed the most egregious “blood libel” against the Germans by inventing the Holocaust™ myth — blaming it on Christian […]

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