Boeing CEO Pledges to Hire 20 Percent More Incompetent Negroes

Boeing has decided that it wants to crash its own company by hiring a bunch of incompetent negroes to run things in order to appease the extortionist BLM mafia.


Boeing is seeking to increase black US employees throughout the company by 20 percent and mandate benchmarks for hiring people of color, Chief Executive Dave Calhoun told employees in a memo on Friday reviewed by Reuters.

US corporations have become more responsive to complaints related to racial equality following a summer of sweeping anti-racism protests over the slaying of black people by police.

The changes at Boeing, a stalwart defense contractor with its corporate headquarters in Chicago and largest factories in Washington state and South Carolina, appeared to mark the first concrete steps by the planemaker to address the issue.

“We understand we have work to do,” Calhoun said in the memo, which was released on the 57th anniversary of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech and included references to the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin on Sunday.

Boeing declined to provide its current number of black employees or a timeline for the new target.

The planemaker separately has had to lay off thousands of workers as it grapples with the financial fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and the 17-month-old grounding of the 737 MAX after two fatal crashes.

In the memo, Calhoun said the company would establish an internal Racial Justice think-tank to guide its policies.

All of these big corporations who’re bowing to the mob will face the consequences within a few years of hiring all of these blacks. Blacks are genetic morons and entrusting them with important posts as an engineering company will irrevocably harm the company.


These scumbag corporations need to collapse anyway. They’ve done nothing for white people as a group and have capitulated to the negroid marxist mob, backing anti-white hiring policies.

White people need to boycott these corporations. Take your money and labor off the table, white people! Don’t work for scumbag jew-owned corporations who hate you and wish to facilitate our race’s demise in North America and Europe.

We have to start our own companies and communities so that nobody can cancel us for having political beliefs that scheming eagle-beak jews don’t approve of.

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