Boss offers boy $15 hour job after being impressed with his work ethic

Boss offers boy $15 hour job after being impressed with his work ethic

Jhaqueil Reagan and Art Bouvier 

By: Sarah Weiss

(Scroll down for video) It was a lucky day for one teenager who landed a well paying job because of his determination.

Jhaqueil Reagan, 18, of Indianapolis, was desperately looking for a job when he got an offer for a job interview at a thrift store at minimum wage. He jumped for the opportunity.

On the day of his scheduled job interview the weather was very bad. The roads very icy and it was dangerous to walk. But Reagan was determined to get the job so he set out for the treaturous 10 mile walk, just for an interview.

Halfway through the walk, Reagan, saw restaurant owner Art Bouvier, and asked: “Can you tell me how far it is to 10th and Sherman?” Bouvier, told the boy that 10th and Sherman, is about six or seven miles away. “You’re not going to get there anytime soon in this weather. You’ll probably need to take a bus,” Bouvier said. The teenager thanked him and kept walking.

About 20 minutes later, the restaurant owner was running errands when he saw the teenage boy still walking. He stopped and offered the boy a ride to the job interview.

“I asked him how come you’re not on the bus” Bouvier, said. To which the teenager answered: “I can’t afford the bus until I get a job.”

Bouvier, who was so taken with his determination that he offered Reagan a job at his restaurant where he gets paid $15 an hour.

Reagan accepted the offer and is very thankful to his new boss.

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