BREAKING: COVID-19 Found in Italy since SUMMER 2019, study shows



Remember how back in February and March “muh science” said that the virus absolutely originated in Wuhan since November-December 2019?? Well they just discovered that COVID-19 was present in Italy all the way back since September 2019. Pfff science is off the window now, isn’t it? Science? There is no Science! Its just quack theories as you can see now!

It appears that there is simply no science anymore, there’s just a bunch of frauds with their quack theories and pure paranoia and schizophrenia but sure what can you expect from “muh science and sheiet” when today in 2020, they tell kids that there is no gender for example. This is a decaying world and everything about it is wrong. EVERYTHING, from A to Z!

Now everyone should be disgusted by this yet few ever heard about this report. Who the hell does even know the origin of this virus anymore now? Its all out the window. Everything you thought you knew about it no loner is valid. What we do know is that there is paranoia and schizophrenia about this virus like never seen before. Ohhh yes the same governments who are invading your country with millions of terrorists who blow you up and rape, etc yes those same governments are now locking you in your house because  they don’t want you to die. Yup, makes perfect sense!!!

No agenda here folks, nothing! There is no Bilderberg meetings, there is no World Economic Forum, no G20, nothing. Its all just in your head! Who knows what these human waste discussed there… They destroy world economy after virus paranoia because of…….??? Fill in the blank with guessing. Who knows whats their plan, who knows what comes next after this but for sure they aren’t doing this for nothing. Something will come out of it, a big change. We don’t know! Nobody knows, we can just speculate, probably cashless society and 666 microchipping?? This has been in the works for a lot of time now.

Anyway here’s from the RT’s report about finding COVID in Italy since September 2019:

The Covid-19 virus had been active in Italy months before it was first officially detected, new research has found, raising further questions about the true origins, extent and actual duration of the ongoing pandemic.

The new groundbreaking study, conducted by scientists with Milan Institute of Cancer and the University of Siena, was published this week by the Tumori Journal. The research is based on the analysis of blood samples from 959 people, collected during lung cancer screening tests conducted between September 2019 and March 2020.

More than 11 percent of the tested – 111 people – turned out to have had coronavirus-specific antibodies. All the tested people were asymptomatic and were not showing any signs of the disease. Some 23 of the positive results date back to September 2019, suggesting that the virus was actually present in the country as early as during last summer – some six months before the pandemic ‘began’ and ‘reached’ Italy.

The new research is poking new holes in the already well-battered belief that the novel coronavirus emerged from the Chinese city of Wuhan around December 2019 and that it turned into pandemic in January 2020. The data from Italian researchers is particularly valuable, as it’s based on actual blood samples, as compared to the earlier, less conclusive findings that also suggested that the established pandemic timeline could be wrong.

So by September 2019 they already had antibodies. In translation, what this means is that they already HAD the virus, got well and in September they were already immune to it which means they could have got it since June, July, August 2019. But despite all of this, watch how the Wikipedia article will NOT BE modified to state as a FACT that coronahoaxvirus was first discovered in summer 2019. What this means is that science is not science, there is no such thing as science anymore, its just political correctness and AN AGENDA…

When science does not accept new discoveries and facts about something and it does not change or include new factual discoveries you know for a fact that its all just quack, a scam and an agenda because this is a FACT that they discovered this in Italy but watch how the general description and information of this plandemic will not change.

Additionally this also translates into what we already said over 1 million times now, this is nothing more than just an ordinary flu. Nothing more, nothing less either. Now if you are shocked that people die, well duhhh!!!!!! Did you just crawl out of a cave? Yes people DO die from the flu all the f-ing time since like FOREVER, nothing new here, except for the mass paranoia and schizophrenia about it.

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