Brendon O’Connell Should Stop Plagiarizing My Work

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Brendon O’Connell has always closely followed my work. I reported extensively on his case until he stabbed me in the back and iterated a false and paranoid rant accusing me of personally attacking him with my general critiques of Christianity, which in some delusion of his he felt were directed at him, why, only he knows.

I recently gave him a second chance and threw him a bone for picking up on my years long exposure of Israel stealing our military intelligence and forwarding it to our communist enemies. It was a mistake, as he stabbed me in the back again for mentioning him as a means to help spread the message. Now he is plagiarizing more of my work and pretending that he is the only person talking about things I was talking about for years before him.

O’Connell pretends to be some kind of insightful guru for coming late to the party and plagiarizing my years long exposure of the fact that Israel wants to ally with Russia, because Russians have no regard for human rights, among other reasons. Brendon puts up this July 3, 2015, article as if proof of his amazing and unique abilities, while admitting that he has only just now figured this out:

Why Russia should take over Israel’s defense from America

However, if Brendon O’Connell tried a little harder he would remember my article which appeared before that one:

Bedros Hajian Interviewed by Mark Dankof on RBN, June 07, 2015

In that article I stated,

“The Russian Orthodox Church has as much been subverted by the communist KGB as the evangelical churches have been subverted by the zionists. Both serve the jews to destroy the Middle East. Russia provides the weapons used as does the USA under communist and zionist jewish subversion. To have a fight, there must be opposing sides and the USSR and USA provided those sides with weapons not in opposition to the jews, but rather in their service. Putin in no way opposes Israel but rather serves Israel by opposing on occasion the jewish subversion of the USA. The jews ultimately want to turn Iran and the rest of the Islamic World into Soviet Republics where jewry can do to the Muslims what it did to the Ukraine in the Holodomor. Jews are very welcoming of the spread of communism to the Muslim World that Putin promises. The communists hate the concept of human rights, as do the Israelis. The Israelis have a large Russian jew population. They are in bed together and there has been no worse manifestation of the NWO than the USSR which Putin is resurrecting with the help of and at the insistence of the jews. How is it that Dankof fails to see that Red China is the NWO made flesh? Dankof’s demoralizing attacks on the West and specifically on America only serve the cultural marxist and the KGB marxist agenda to have us abandon our defenses, including NATO and whimper our way into the iron grasp of the communist Russians and communist Chinese.”

There was also this article I wrote:

Three Things that Struck Me (in the Heart) in the Republican Primary Debate, February 08, 2016

“Trump pointed out the barbarity of ISIS and then implied that he planned to match it on some levels, by stating that he would not only support waterboarding, but far more intense tortures. Trump is also issuing worrisome jingoisms calling for more US war in the Middle East. He never states who is our worst enemy in the region, Israel, which is eager to side with Russia against us, because Russia, like Israel, has no respect for human rights.”

And I also wrote this:

Donald Trump Thinks and Talks Like an Anti-American Soviet Propagandist, July 23, 2016

“I have heard several personalities in the White Nationalist movement degrading the concept of human rights and attacking both the constitution generally, and the bill of rights specifically. Trump does not criticize the constitution, but he does disregard human rights, just like a good bolshevik. The Israelis are eager to join forces with the Russians, because they, too, have no regard for human rights. The communist Chinese also seek to destroy the notion that human beings have inherent rights which no State can lawfully violate. Trump is in league with this line of thought, and we must ask why, and is it mere coincidence that he so consistently advances the Russian communist agenda, together with Le Pen and others of their ilk.”

And this:

Trump’s Plan to Open Up Our Intelligence Agencies to Israel Is Suicidal, August 01, 2016

“The jews are turning to Russia to be their new slave army and bolshevize all of Islam to place it behind an iron curtain, so that the jews can destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock with impunity and build their temple on the site. The jews prefer the Russians’ rejection of human rights, to America’s embrace of human rights. The jews were the masterminds of the Soviet Union and want to place all of Islam and the White Race under its absolute control.”

Though you pretend to the throne of the moral high ground Brendon, you are a back stabber and a plagiarist. If you are uncomfortable with the fact that you have Australian aboriginal blood coursing through your deceitful veins, that is your problem. Do not take it out on the White Race.

I should note that I only went back to the date of the article which Brendon cited for my own convenience to demonstrate something I had published before that article had appeared. The fact is I was talking about the things Brendon claims are news to the world in 2017, for years before June of 2015. I also repeatedly addressed these issues in many interviews over the course of a decade and more. Brendon O’Connell knows that and is trying to steal my thunder because he has nothing original of value to say.

Brendon questions Ken O’Keefe (after I exposed O’Keefe and after Brendon had previously portrayed him as if a genius for reiterating Brendon’s asinine call for a military coup in America) for being able to travel freely in America. Who are you working for, Brendon, that you travel to Iran and Malaysia despite being a fugitive? Why are you stabbing people in the back while concurrently parroting their work? Why do you pretend to be a moral guide as you back stab and plagiarize? You remind me of your old friend and mentor Eric Hufschmid, whose sister married into the Murdoch clan. The Murdochs are from Australia, too, are they not?

Here is the plagiarist claiming glory for himself for my work:

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    The point is that the information is getting to more people. I don’t think we have the time and leisure to arguing about this. I understand that you deserve recognition for your years of research and I thank you very much for that. I’m a johnny come lately and I found out about your site by looking up Brendon. Please see that we just need to relay this information to as many people as possible.

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