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AUGUST 27, 2021

NY Times: Is There a Nuclear Option for Stopping Climate Change?



The “paper of record” has got an up and coming new “staff editor” for its “Opinions” Section — not to be confused with the other sections of the putrid propaganda sheet which only “report,” but never opine (rolling eyes). His name is Spencer Bokat-Lindell — a snot-nose 2016 graduate of oh-so-“prestigious” Yale University’s “Journalism Initiative” program. That would put him at about 27 years of age. But don’t underestimate the depths of Spencer’s knowledge and wisdom due to his age and lack of scientific background. No sir. Though even too young to have been raised on the 1990s’ “Captain Planet” cartoons of Ted the Red Turner, Boy Bokat is perfectly qualified to school us all on “Climate Science” — dontcha know?

Interestingly enough, though the kid understands nothing about the Climate Con, his advocacy for nuclear energy as an alternative to “fossil fuel”-generated electricity is something we wholeheartedly support. Nuclear is awesome! Evidently, young Spencer is unaware of the fact that the same war on energy which animates the Climate Con, has also hindered the expansion of nuclear energy as well.

Let’s see if we can steer this foolish little “progressive” with the six-figure salary toward a better understanding of the world.


1. Cheese & crackers! Does this climate “expert” even have hair on his balls yet? // 2. CO2 “emissions” may look scary, but it’s actually the same stuff emitted by volcanoes, naturally occurring wildfires, the oceans, decomposing vegetation and animal breathing. // 3. Boy Bokat likes nuclear energy, but doesn’t seem to understand that the water vapor “emitted” during the cooling process actually IS a “greenhouse gas.”

Boy Bokat: Humanity’s failure to avert the crisis of a warming climate …
Rebuttal: Stop right there! There is no “crisis” of a warming climate” — nor has there been any warming, at all over the past 25 years — that is, until a suspicious manual “adjustment” to the satellite data was made prior to the Paris Climate Accords of 2016. (here)

Boy Bokat: … it was only in recent years that alternative ways of powering a society, like solar and wind energy, became viable.  But when it comes to electricity, at least, that story isn’t true. Today, the United States gets 60 percent of its electricity from fossil fuels and just 20 percent from renewables. The final 20 percent comes from nuclear power, a technology that has existed since the 1950s, produces no carbon dioxide and has killed far fewer people than fossil fuels. 
Rebuttal: Nothing really wrong with that sentence — although wind farms are ugly, eagle-killing pieces of metal garbage.

Boy Bokat: The case for going nuclear — nuclear power is responsible for the fastest decarbonization effort in history.
Rebuttal: Industrial “carbonization” actually accounts for less “emissions” than termites. Did you know that, wonder boy? Indeed, your employer reported such back in a 1982 article headlined: “Termite Gas Exceeds Smokestack Pollution.”

Boy Bokat: France derives 70 percent of its electricity from nuclear power.  Why shouldn’t the United States follow suit?
Rebuttal: Tell it, Spencer. Tell it!

Boy Bokat: Solar and wind farms, for example, take up much more space than nuclear plants, and they provide power only as the weather allows.
Rebuttal: There’s hope for you yet, Spencer my child.

Boy Bokat: Nuclear power may be safer than the public believes, but the public’s beliefs matter a great deal in a democracy. Solar and wind power are extremely popular with Americans, but nuclear power is viewed unfavorably, with more people opposing its expansion than supporting it. 
Rebuttal: The kid actually means well — but his half-education renders him totally oblivious to the fact that the “extreme unpopularity” of nuclear power is a direct consequence of the subversive propaganda pumped out by his employer and the rest of the Piranha Press.

Boy Bokat: Part of that opposition surely owes to the fact that when nuclear does fail, it can fail spectacularly: The 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan didn’t kill anyone directly, but it led to the displacement of 164,000 people and a decades-long cleanup operation that will cost an estimated $200 billion.
Rebuttal: Fukushima was a false-flag attack, but I digress.


1 & 2. Former federal climatologist John Bates exposed NOAA’s temperature rigging scheme. // 3. Termite farts emit more CO2 than mankind does.

Solely for the sake of argument, even if we were to accept the unscientific doom & gloom scenarios of the preposterous Climate Con, the fact remains that ever-expanding China continues to open up new coal-powered plants as if they were McDonald’s franchises (here). Rapidly developing — and equally massive — India is also expanding its coal capacity (here) — as are big Russia (here), big Brazil (here), big Mexico (here), big Turkey (here), big Nigeria (here) and a bunch of smaller nations as well. So what would be the point in the United States killing off its coal industry anyway?

And when it comes to nuclear energy, booming China has 49 nuclear reactors in operation with a planned capacity which, by 2035, will be equal to about half the world’s nuclear capacity. (hereThe above-mentioned large nations are also expanding the number of nuclear plants as well. It is mainly in the Globalist-dominated “First World” countries of “The West” where the fear tactics over coal and nuclear are driving down coal production and, in some western nations, also blocking nuclear energy. The goal is to make energy expensive and to grind down our living standards in preparation for (((their))) New World Order takeover (which looks more and more like it’s falling apart).

Until Boy Bokat comes to understand this “conspiracy theory”  — his evident concern as to why only one new nuclear power plant has been opened in the United States over the past 25 years — while a bunch of existing ones were decommissioned — will remain a mystery to him.

1. The giants of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and the mid-size member of South Africa — are all building NEW coal and nuclear plants — while the U.S. is cutting back on both! // 2. The “Greening of the Reds.” // 3. Nuclear energy is good — but so is coal.


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