Canada Has Fallen & the US Is Strong, but Surrounded!

Kevin Annett – Sarah Westall Video

Kevin Annett rejoins the program to discuss the buildup of the Chinese troops in Canada. We discuss what preceded this reality and how this relates to the Global Reset and the World Economic Forums efforts. Also we discuss what it takes to claim personal sovereignty and how we must fight the constraints put on yourself in your own mind.

Kevin has some great insight. Yet, so do you Sarah. Absolutely, Donald Trump is the sole and only hope for American Liberty to survive and thrive. He has proven by action to avidly advocate and defend Religious Liberty, the greatest Liberty. There is no other choice. Reuelation XII IS happening right now. EVERYONE is ensnared in the Birth Certificated Person, Sarah! EVERYONE. Unless you’re not, kind of thing. Oversight in London is pervasive. Reclaim Christ in You as You!

A country can only fall if it was in the fight to begin with. Trudeau & Freeland sold out to Davos long before the Covid scam began. Same with Biden and Harris. The video of Chinese troops on Salt Spring Island is from 2018 and shows a guy driving by in a truck and shows these mostly female troops from the back. We need better proof than this.

Canadian: Am ashamed to be Canadian though I didn’t vote Trudeau, (he’s actually Fidel Castros BASTARD SON) his first orders were to sell off ALL of Canadian gold reserves, not sure to whom? Probably China, there are tens of thousands of Chicom troops in Stanley park last week, and millions scattered on Indian reservations waiting to pounce, Lord help us!

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