Can’t the richest country on earth agree on some common policies and get elected to enact them?

Can’t the richest country on earth agree on some common policies and get elected to enact them?

By Dark Politricks

It is the last decades of the US Empire.

Their banks are empty and they refuse to give countries like Germany their Gold back when asked.

In fact some bars from the famous Fort Knox depository have been found to be nothing but other metal bars sprayed with Gold paint. Chinese officials were shocked to learn that the bars they got back from the US contained many fake ones.

They contained cores of tungsten with only a outer coating of real gold.

What’s more, these gold bars, containing serial numbers for tracking, originated in the US and had been stored in Fort Knox for years. There were reportedly between 5,600 to 5,700 bars, weighing 400 oz. each, in the shipment!

The suppoosed Gold Bars at Fort Knox

So lets assume the US with on/off book debt reaching into the 30 trillion+ range is broke.

Lets also watch a Donald Trump speech to realise that he is totally unfit to run the country and watches up to 8 hours of TV a day when not Trolling on Twitter.

So the Deep State is in control – as it would have been if Hillary had won – they need an enemy to deflect from the hugely embarrassing loss in the Presidential, Governorship, Senate and Congress elections and have picked another nuclear country to cause people to look under their beds before going to sleep – Russia!

Can we all agree that we don’t want to burn to death in huge nuclear bomb attacks?

Can we also agree that the richer are getting richer and the poorer and middle class are stagnating without wage increases.

Trickle down economics does not work.

In an era where all our goods are made overseas by children and people in “prison like complexes” that have suicide nets to stop people killing themselves, the USA has offshored and will continue to offshore jobs. Any tax cuts will go into their offshore accounts and you can forget any Christmas bonus.

The reason Jill Stein is getting grief by Congress along with appearing on Russia Today America, and having dinner with lots of other people where Putin was. Then this is red scare baiting all over to those people who don’t look further than the further of their nose to get their news.

The establishment don’t like her because she dares to run a 3rd political party. Her party actually had ideas and policies that would have helped the US immensely whilst the Democrats despise that, as they are just Republicans with a donkey sign instead of an Elephant above their heads.

How dare you help average people get on in life, re-train sacked employees who have been replaced by robots or had jobs shipped to China. Did you know more people are escaping back to Mexico than coming to the land where anything (allowed) is possible……

Can the majority of us agree on some things?

Let’s agree that we don’t want all our communications, emails, Facebook messages, Tweets and secret video captured from your laptop, phone, TV or tablet saved and kept by strangers for years when we are not terrorists. A city sized data centre is being built under UTAH to hold all these trillion gigabytes of data about us.

Can we agree that spending the same amount of money as the next 6 countries on military and war is ridiculous?

Why does the USA still have bases in Germany when WWII was over 65+ years ago?

Why does America have to get involved in every war and crisis around the world. Do they just see it as an opportunity to sell more weapons to both sides, or is in the Middle East where they are helping to realise the Greater Israel Project’s vision of a land vastly bigger than now extending into Iraq and Syria.

Maybe stopping building bases that literally surround Russia and China might de-escalate any tension where Russia has been a world leader. He defeated most of ISIS, got the Iran deal signed and shipping out Syria’s chemical weapons.

Mickhail Gorbachev was promised by James Baker, George H Bush’s man on the ground that if he allowed the wall to fall in Berlin Nato would not move an inch forward. You can understand this when Russia has been attacked from the west by Napoleon and the Germans twice, they want a buffer.

Not much of a buffer exists now the US is considering adding Georgia and the racist neo-nazi (similar politics) Ukraine to NATO.

We broke our pledge to Mickhail and now the Russians are not going to be happy about it. If there is a nuclear war I can see Russia and China joining up together to whip the Empires ass and treat then like the war mongering, oil and opium stealing crooks we really are.

School, education, retraining – all should be free and offered to people who have lost jobs or come out of prison. If we can print money and put it on the national credit card for tax cuts and DOD increases, then we can print money for ourselves as the constitution states.

Many of the founding fathers were deists or atheists and allowed immigrants to practise whatever gobbly gook they wish to without Government interference.

Surely all these Christian churches preach to help the poor?

If not I guess they are holding an Ark exhibition and claiming money from the government for it instead of spending the millions they wasted on a stupid exhibition to build blocks of houses for homeless people.

The Ark Exhibiton

So instead of sending your last dollars to your church in the hope that prayers will sort out your problems as the Church leader flaunts his wealth and begs for more cash, why don’t you send them to a new political party that if it got enough support could upsert the status quo.

I wrote about my idea for the People’s Party the other day.

With some clever thinking progressive right or left wing people pissed off with the current political system getting together and creating a new party for the 99% and not Wall St swamp monsters, Trump can’t seem to get rid of, then maybe change will finally come to the USA.

Wall St bail outs – NO – they only gave themselves pay rises and kept the house of cards rising. The stock market may be at a high rare but that just means a crash is coming. What can we do except kill the Banksters.

Use Cash, stop using it and they will track every payment with plastic notes containing RFID chips to tax you instantly, prevent you lending your mate cash down the pub and keeping an eye on everything you do.

Sweden has already got a five year plan to stop using cash altogether.

We are the majority, we can stop this. We just need the sofa cushion addicts to stop playing computer games aimed to propagandize them for becoming soldier in the great US army later on.

Spread the word to all your friends. Get them to realise that Greenland is’t as big as  the USA as some NASA photos show and that the elite have been running things for centuries.7

Can we agree to forget the divisive things that distract us at election times?

Things like Gay Marriage, Abortion, an estate tax that won’t even affect more than 0.01% people of the country. Safe spaces and free speech zones, toilets for transexuals and whether climate change is real or not.

If we can put things like this aside and join up together then we could have a chance at the next election of getting into the debates and putting real policies to help average people instead of guff and slander.

Maybe if people heard these policies they might agree with them and vote for this People’s Party.

Come on – it’s time for neo-liberals an neo-cons to die a horrible political death and a new party for the 99% to vote for.

By Dark Politricks


© 2017 Dark Politricks

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