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Murder By Injection

  Interview with Eustace Mullins about his book, Murder By Injection:   Altering your genome and the Mark of the Beast.   You may need an aspirin after waiting these two videos, but Pastor Eli has the cure: The Great Impersonation | Money Tree Publishing       The post Murder By Injection appeared […]

Father Speaks to Pharmacist After Son Gets Myocarditis Thanks To COVID Jab

For what I have seen some people on the Interwebs are implaying that this video is “fake”. Even if that Source

Big Pharma Killing Spree Called Covid

Nurse Researcher says Hospitals, not the “virus,” killing people. IMG 8238 – YouTube Dr. Faucistein and inherently dangerous gain of function “research” Allopathic “medicine” is now the third biggest killer of Americans Share this: Source

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