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Religious Mind Control and the Impending Holy War

In this Special Report: Religious Mind Control and the Impending Holy War Source: Greg Reese In Case You Missed It: Jeffrey “Jesus was a Pedophile” Daugherty – Exposed: Crossdressing Antichrist Liar, Jew Puppet DEBATISM Ep 7 | Jeffrey Daugherty vs. Dustin Nemos | Christian Identity: Fact or Fancy? For breaking news from one of the […]

Natural Wild-Fires compared to microwave Induced Fires: the globalists now have the technology to microwave our neighborhoods to dust Here is an empirical analysis, comparing two kinds of fire. — Alas, seeing is believing. The Globalists now have the technology to microwave our neighborhoods to dust. WATCH/READ AT THE LINK Source

Horrifying Discovery In Unvaxxed Blood – Dr. Ana Mihalcea

SGT Report – August 1st, 2023 Protect Your Retirement W/ A Gold. IRA call 877-646-5347Noble Gold is Who I Trust ^^^ Dr. Ana Mihalcea joins me to present her research which I personally find horrifying. Ana presents her findings of unvaccinated blood with Darkfield Microscopy and her experiments with Clifford Carnicom on human blood finding […]

We are Moving Into the End Game, Can You See the Light at the End of the Tunnel Yet?

SonOfEnos – August 1st, 2023 There are very few moves left in this grand chess match for the world. The battle between good and evil has been raging for a very long time, but if you’re paying attention, you can discern how it’s all playing out. If you’re battle weary (as we all are), watch […]

Federal Trade Report: Globalization Cripples American Towns as Free Trade Moves Jobs Overseas, Crushes Wages

Globalization of the United States economy has had a crippling impact on American towns as free trade makes it easier for companies to move production and jobs overseas, a report from the U.S. International Trade Commission details.  Source

Those Claiming that we Need to Fix Global Warming are the Very Ones Causing it

URGENT: New Documentary Proves Climate Engineering by Controlling the Weather (NOT “Global Warming”) is Destroying Life and the Planet: Immediate Danger FAR Greater than COVID-19 by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News As the world has been dominated for the past year by the fake threat that the Globalists want us to believe COVID-19 presents, a […]

Meloni: Establishment Left Is Afraid of Right-Wing Election Victory This Weekend

Brothers of Italy (FdI) leader and conservative firebrand Giorgia Meloni has said that the establishment left is afraid of her right-populist coalition winning the Italian national election this weekend, promising a new era of freedom for Italians. Meloni made her comments this week during a rally in the Piazza del Popolo in Rome, saying: “Italy […]

Globalists flee to Private Islands, Underground Bunkers, as Forced Mass Stinging about to Begin

Home » North America, Suppression, World » Globalists flee to Private Islands, Underground Bunkers, as Forced Mass Stinging about to Begin     The biological war against humanity has just shifted from the “please come take these friendly vaccine” phase to a globalist “nuke from orbit” stance that plans to force mass extermination injections on […]

Smartest Man in America with 200 IQ Exposes Elite’s Vaccine Sterilization Plan

    One of the smartest people in the world is speaking out against the Covid-19 injection, asserting the global elite behind the “vaccine” push likely do not have humanity’s best interests in mind. Most people wouldn’t assume much of Missouri horse rancher Christopher Langan, 69, who used to work as a construction worker and […]

USA Plans Total World Economic Collapse ‘Simulation’ just like Pandemic ‘Simulation’ Back in November 2019

    The globalists are setting the stage for the Great Reset with an upcoming high-profile simulation targeting cyber attacks against major financial institutions. The World Economic Forum (WEF) will team up with the Russian government and global banks this July to simulate a major supply-chain “cyberpandemic” that could potentially “bring down the entire system.” […]

Keeping us masked forever? The Davos set’s dystopian ambitions are very clear

    The WEF’s promotion of a Chinese ‘smart face mask’ that tracks every breath its wearer takes is further evidence that the changes to Western society over the last 12 months of Covid are intended to be permanent. “It’s only for when you pop into Tesco’s to do your weekly shop, what‘s your problem […]

Boris Johnson Says ‘America Is Back’ with Biden, ‘Gloom’ of Trump Era Is Over

Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared that “America is unreservedly back” with the election of Joe Biden as President, while seemingly deriding the leadership of former President Trump at a virtual summit of the Munich Security Conference. Speaking with the leaders of the G7 nations, Prime Minister Johnson said of the Biden administration: “America is unreservedly […]

Trump Imposes new sanctions on North Korea and Iran and threatens War on Latter, hoping to Please the Globalists

    Satanic salute with 2 fingers, 666 salute and pyramid hand gesture… yup Trump is definitely 100% a Christian and a nationalist!!!!!!!! No he can’t be part of the Zio scheme, Qanon said so!!! This is all just fake news! IRAN So Trump is turning into a typical neocon warmonger in order to appease […]

“Are your globalist agendas failing because you’re using sub par crisis actors? Look no further” (satire)

If you search ‘crisis actor’ these days you’ll find serious debunking articles by the mile featuring that well worn term ‘conspiracy theory’. I tend to find that a fairly good indication there’s a bit of truth therein. You judge for yourself. In the meanwhile I always liked satire to get a point across. Thanks to […]

Exclusive– Richard Grenell on Trump: ‘He Doesn’t Play Identity Politics’

Richard Grenell, the former Acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and the former U.S. Ambassador to Germany, told Breitbart News this weekend that President Donald Trump making him the first openly gay cabinet member in U.S. history has nothing to do with “identity politics” and simply reflected that the president picks the most effective people […]

Fake Climate Change Studies Aim to Influence Public Opinion Through Propaganda

Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism October 16, 2012     Alarmists from Harvard University published a study claiming that certain thunderstorms expel water vapor miles into the stratosphere, called convective injection, and that this phenomenon…

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