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Western Civilization Has Been Destroyed by Diversity

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS • JULY 6, 2021 For decades liberal gentiles and jews have been lying to us that diversity within a single country is wonderful. Hiding behind this lie is an agenda to undermine every Western country by destroying its unity. The tool used was massive non-white immigration, supplemented in the United States with teaching blacks […]

The Resistance’s Electronic Media: A Precision Weapon

18/06/2021 Against The Invaders “Israel’s” battle with Hezbollah goes back many years. Throughout that time, the “Israelis” experienced the group’s methods of warfare, and perhaps thought they understood it all. But little by little, it turned out that this simply wasn’t the case. The enemy is fully aware that from the time when the first […]

Mad Jewish scientist Ilya Ivanov creates “humanzee” to ‘justify’ the Jews’ belief that goyim are ascendants of the apes

Mad Jewish scientist Ilya Ivanov creates “humanzee” to ‘justify’ the Jews’ belief that goyim are ascendants of the apes The racial supremacist Jews invented the theory that only Gentiles had evolved from the apes; long before the fool Charles Darwin began to propagate the ludicrous and demeaning idea for all of humanity. So it’s not surprising […]

S0 News June 22, 2015 | Radiation Storm and Strong CME Alert

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Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar killed in Iraq

Khaled Sharrouf horrified the international community when he and his seven-year-old son were photographed holding a severed head of a Syrian government soldier. Khaled Sharrouf horrified the international community when he and his seven-year-old son were photographed holding a severed head of a Syrian government soldier. Khaled Sharrouf horrified the international community when he and […]

Trainload of up-armored Humvees with special COMM equipment linked to “Homeland Defense operations”

Screencapture via Dave Action Reporting/YouTube By Shepard Ambellas (INTELLIHUB) — Up-armored “Humvees” and “Striker units” with a “peculiar satellite” installed on them, a “green dome antennae in the back,” were spotted on rail trains recently in both “Oregon” and “California,” according to a video posted by Dave Action Reporting on YouTube Monday. The […]

False flag? Charleston shooting happened during federal active shooter drill

Click photo to zoom in – Photo: (INTELLIHUB) — The existence and use of false flag terrorism across the world has long been established. From the Reichstag fire to the 9/11 terror attacks, alternative researchers and open-minded individuals have proven that rogue elements of various governments, including the United States, can and do […]

New Concertina wire fencing around closed Nevada prison, guard in tower – Are closed prisons being set up as FEMA Camps?

Photo: Flickr By Susan Duclos | AllNewsPipeline ANP has been sent another batch of original photos of the decommissioned Nevada State prison from a concerned veteran who describes not only what he saw in the photos but what occurred after he took the them, concluding that “White vans seem to be a common denominator.” While researching we […]

Jade Helm goes GLOBAL: Official start date coincides with Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care ritual

Photo: US Army Special Operations Command Intellihub editors note: The following article and video report contain extremely important information that should be viewed by all Americans concerned about the upcoming Jade Helm realistic military training exercise. It now appears that Jade Helm has unofficially gone live a month early and has spread across the […]

The Intriguing Thought-Provoking Insights Of The Legend: Alan Watts

I am coming out of the closet. I’m a Wattsist. A what-ist? A Wattsist. After Alan Watts, the British-American philosopher, spiritual entertainer, and author. Alan Watts was a treasure to his generation and to ours, as his words continue to provide solace, humour, and understanding. His podcasts are increasingly well-known and his books seem to […]

Confirmation the War on Syria was all about the Gas Pipeline – All about Russia all along

McCain: US will supply gas to Ukraine, Europe in 2 yrs U.S. Senator John McCain (Reuters / Mike Segar) The US will be able to supply natural gas to Ukraine and Europe within two years, Senator John McCain pledged in Kiev. The American politician believes that only gas reliance prevents European countries from hardening sanctions […]

In The Netherlands Sex Education Starts In Kindergarten: Here’s What They Tell Them & Why

“People often think we are starting right away to talk about sexual intercourse [with kindergartners]. Sexuality is so much more than that. It’s also about self image, developing your own identity, gender roles, and it’s about learning to express yourself, your wishes and your boundaries.” – Ineke van der Vlugt, an expert on youth sexual development […]

UN Commission: Israel Bombing Elementary Schools Not Considered War Crimes

Op-Ed by Sydney Barakat for The Anti-Media (ANTIMEDIA) The High Level International Military Group—a UN-commissioned group made up of 11 former chiefs of staff, generals, senior officers, and political leaders from the U.S., Germany, Spain, Holland, the U.K., Italy, Australia, and Colombia—dismissed all charges and allegations of Israel’s war crimes after investigating last summer’s attack […]

Alex Jones warns ‘JADE HELM 15 not a drill’ but rather a “cover for military occupation”

The Alex Jones Channel/YouTube By Shepard Ambellas AUSTIN, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — On Saturday, June 20, radio talk show host and alternative news figurehead Alex Jones released an “emergency alert” videocast on YouTube stating that the “elite are now evacuating” the United States ahead of Jade Helm 15, which Jones now says is not […]

Monsanto Protection Act Part 2? New Bill Introduced Spells Bad News For GMO Activists

A couple of years ago, a bill was introduced (H.R. 933) allowing big biotech corporations, like Monsanto, to override United States federal courts on the issue of planting experimental genetically engineered crops all across the US. This rendered the government powerless when it came to stopping other biotechnology corporations from planting and harvesting. The measure […]

Vegan Dessert Recipe – 5 Ingredient Coconut Butter + Tahini Cups with Coffee Crème Filling

I recently wrote an article about my struggle to reduce my daily sugar intake. Avoiding processed sugars and things like high fructose corn syrup has become second nature to me, but even natural sweeteners need to be consumed in moderation. I developed this recipe as a (mostly) guilt-free option for satisfying my sweet tooth in the […]

Google’s Autonomous Car – The Future Of Green Transport?

Isao Machii, a Japanese samurai swordsmith, can slice a BB pellet in half. At 200 mph. From 70 feet away. With a sword. Such is the marvel of human reflexes. Yet cheeky Google wants to supplant said reflexes with transistors and LIDAR and microprocessors, to replace human drivers with motorist-o-matics. This could be the first […]

Decommissioned Air Force base becomes active again, build-up of personnel and equipment

husky394xp/YouTube By Shepard Ambellas NORTHEASTERN MAINE (INTELLIHUB) — With Jade Helm 15 on the horizon, kicking off in less than 22 days, one can only wonder why a military base that was previously decommissioned over twenty-years ago, in 1994, has now became active again. But even more interesting to me is how so-called […]

Creating A Life You Love & Finding The Love Of Your LIfe

Is Now The Time To Create LOVE? Have you lost hope in finding love? Did your parents get divorced, fight all the time, and/or never teach you how to love well? Do you keep going for the wrong guy? Are you successful and thriving in business but ignoring your heart’s desire for a relationship? Do you still […]

New Research Surfaces Spelling Bad News For Tylenol: It Doesn’t Just Kill Pain…

Researchers from Ohio State University have discovered that the commonly used pain reliever, acetaminophen, has a previously unknown side effect: it kills positive emotions. In the study, participants who took acetaminophen reported feeling fewer strong emotions when they were shown very pleasant or very disturbing photos, compared to those who took placebos. You might be thinking […]

Why Does The Desire To Post The Experience On Facebook Outweigh The Actual Experience?

Conspicuous Consumption To illustrate I will start off with a joke: A successful lawyer parked his brand new Porsche Carrera GT in front of the office, ready to show it off to his colleagues. As he goes to get out of the vehicle, a truck speeds by, hitting the car and completely tearing off the driver’s […]

Turkish intelligence allowing arms flow into Syria: Prosecutors

A new report says officials with the Turkish government intelligence agency secured the flow of arms to terrorists in Syria. Four Turkish prosecutors brought the matter into light after intercepting Syria-headed arms-laden trucks in January 2014, the English-language daily,Today’s Zaman, reported on Thursday. They said Turkish officials, including intelligence agency personnel, were involved in the supply […]

SAUDI ARABIA, ISRAEL, the US, TURKEY and the International Conspiracy Against SYRIA…

Originally posted on theburningbloggerofbedlam: Why is Israelbombing the Syrian Government…? A number of news sources reported on December 7th that Israeli warplanes attacked two separate areas close to Damascus, including a target at the city’s international airport. This was reportedly the fifthunprovoked Israeli attack on Syria in the last eighteen months. Syria hasn’t declared war […]

Agent Orange victims in Air Force Reserves now eligible for compensation

C-123 Veterans Association/Maj. Wes Carter (ret.) Carter, who has prostate and bladder cancer, led the fight for benefits through the C-123 Veterans Association, though he already receives VA benefits from an unrelated disability stemming from the 1991 Persian Gulf War, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported. Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio ‒ one of three Democrats, along […]

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey – June 19, 2015

Dear Ones so much is now happening that although we have only been away from you for a short time, events are forever speeding up and in a relatively short time they will reveal our intentions to you. There has never been a time when we have not been active but for reasons of secrecy […]

S0 News June 19, 2015 | M3 Flare, Radiation Storm, CME to Impact Earth

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Photos: Is the old Nevada State Prison being converted into a massive FEMA Camp ahead of Jade Helm?

Photo: All News Pipeline (INTELLIHUB) — A concerned citizen recently sent over a dozen images to alternative news outlet All News Pipeline that document what he believes is the site for a future FEMA camp. The photos show suspicious activity in and around a closed state prison in Carson City, Nevada and are […]

FEMA Command Centers seen in Texas and ADVON vehicles seen in Colorado – Preparation for false flag?

Photo: Dahboo77/YouTube By Stefan Stanford | All News Pipeline Back on April 16th, 2013, YouTube videographer TheShowmebby was coming home from work in Waco, Texas when he ran across a mysterious-looking government vehicle that he took video of as shown in the video below. The vehicle he recorded was later identified as an ADVON vehicle, standing […]

The Heartwarming Video That Shows Real Men Reacting To Learning That They’ll Be A Dad

Father’s Day is just a couple of days away, and for many of us it’s a day where we show appreciation for the role that our father figure has played in our lives. Thanks to both stereotypes and the mainstream media, Father’s Day is generally seen as a day to celebrate “manliness.” We are bombarded with […]

The 8 Minute Surgery That Will Give You Superhuman Vision. Forever

A new bionic eye lens currently in development would give humans 3x 20/20 vision, at any age. The lens, named the Ocumetics Bionic Lens, was developed by Dr. Garth Webb, an optometrist in British Columbia who was looking for a way to optimize eyesight regardless of a person’s health or age. With this remarkable lens, patients […]

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