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Oren pushed Random House to hurry his book so American Jews will ‘intercede’ to stop Iran deal and save millions of Jews

Michael Oren said he put “immense pressure” on Random House to publish his new book, Ally, this month, so he could mobilize American Jews against the coming Iranian deal, and they would intercede as they had failed to do in response to the Nazi threat in the 1930s. Speaking at the 92nd Y last night, […]

‘NYT’ article on UN’s Gaza report strains to demonstrate equivalence in suffering

The UN Human Rights Council has issued its report on last summer’s war in Gaza, and the New York Times story about it just went up: “U.N. Report on Gaza Finds Evidence of War Crimes by Israel and by Palestinian Militants.” The Times article is filled with numbers, but there is one conspicuously missing statistic in […]

Israeli court sentences Palestinian man to 13 months in prison for Facebook post

Palestinian sentenced to 17 months over Facebook posts IMEMC 22 June — The Israeli District Court in occupied Jerusalem sentenced, on Sunday morning, a young Palestinian man to 13 months of imprisonment, with an additional four months suspended, for what the court called “incitement” on his Facebook page. Mohammad Mahmoud, a lawyer with the Ad-Dameer […]


The cover of Baddawi The following excerpts are from the graphic novel Baddawi, by Leila Abdelrazaq. Baddawi is the story of a young boy named Ahmad struggling to find his place in the world. Raised in a refugee camp called Baddawi in northern Lebanon, Ahmad is just one of the many thousands of refugee children born to […]

S0 News June 22, 2015 | Radiation Storm and Strong CME Alert

Follow @hipknowsys Source Article from

We Need Domestic & Internat’l Regulations To Prevent Outsourcing

Print Friendly When corporations can move about the world as they please, workers have no chance of ever winning any long-term concessions from them.   (Lewis W. Hine) In the early 20th century, working conditions in the Unites States were abysmal and often deadly. Legal protection for workers was all but nonexistent. At the same time, […]

Steal From Taxpayers, Blame The Poor

Print Friendly Credit: Ineteconomics It’s a vicious circle of hypocrisy: Americans dependent on the safety net are urged to “get a job” by the same free-market system that pays them too little to avoid being dependent on the safety net. Theft, Part 1: The Average U.S. Household Pays About $400 for Safety Net Programs for […]

Take Action To Stop The DARK Act

Print Friendly Photo: March Against Monsanto in Marseille Today, at 10 a.m., Reps. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.), G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.) and their band of pro-GMO, anti-consumer, stomp-all-over-states’-rights outlaws will stand before the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health and ask the Committee to support H.R. 1599. We’ve been calling H.R. 1599 the DARK (Deny […]

How Jeffrey Sterling Took On The CIA — And Lost Everything

Print Friendly THIS IS HOW it ended for Jeffrey Sterling. A former covert officer for the Central Intelligence Agency, Sterling sat down in a federal courtroom with a lawyer on either side, looking up at a judge who would announce in a few moments whether he would go to prison for the next 20 years. A […]

Irish Burn Water Bills, Fly Greek Flag In Solidarity At Mass Dublin Protest

Print Friendly Source: Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland A LARGE CROWD has marched to the GPO in Dublin today as water charge protests return to the capital. Having taken a backseat to campaigning for the same-sex marriage referendum, is once again at the forefront of the political agenda. Today in Dublin, thousands marched to the GPO, where […]

How celeb Jessica Alba built an eco-friendly empire selling non-toxic household essentials

(NaturalNews) Famous for her natural beauty and superb acting skills that have allowed her to star in a multitude of diverse roles, native Californian Jessica Alba is anything but ordinary. While you might recognizer her from a number of popular films including Sin City, Fantastic Four, Machete and Into the Blue, Alba is […]

Chemical companies push for law to determine their own safety standards

(NaturalNews) If ever there was an initiative steeped in bias and a deep disregard for a “best for everyone” approach, it’s the one taking place among chemical giants such as Dow, DuPont, Honeywell and 3M. These companies, and the people who have ties with them, are actually attempting to thwart state efforts to […]

Aluminum contamination implicated in dementia and bee deaths

(NaturalNews) An insect form of Alzheimer’s disease caused by aluminum contamination may be one of the causes behind an ongoing decline in populations of bees and other pollinators, according to a study conducted by researchers from the universities of Keele and Sussex and published in the journal PLOS ONE. The researchers found that […]

Jerry Brown pushing depopulation in California: Too many people, not enough water, something has to go!

(NaturalNews) Californians might want to pay a bit more attention to the governor of their state, as he is openly musing about a draconian idea to deal with the ongoing drought: depopulation. As reported by The Daily Caller, Brown recently stated before the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California board that, at some […]

Your vitamins: Are they really beneficial or just a placebo effect?

(NaturalNews) The two main reasons why people do not get health and stay healthy are (1) internal toxicity and (2) nutritional deficiency. Many people (especially in our fast-paced Western culture) know they should be getting the nutrients that they need, but they don’t want to change their eating habits or lifestyle so they […]

Why Gun Reform Will Not Stop What Happened in South Carolina

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Co-Founder, Legacy Bio-Naturals June 20, 2015   This past weekend two pastors met outside the Emmanuel AME Church in South Carolina – the scene of a recent horrific hate crime that claimed the lives of 9 black residents. Reverend Kyle Kneen (who is white) from Oregon […]

Charleston Shooting Hoax Agenda Busted Open For ALL to SEE

16300000 YouTube reporter Redsilverj breaks down how the mainstream media stories surrounding the alleged Charleston shooting are tailor made to drive a long-sought-after and multifaceted agenda to stoke racial division, increase gun control, and to justify war-on-terror surveillance measures domestically. Source Article from

Charleston Shooting Happened During Federal ‘Active Shooter’ Drill

25302000 We now have solid proof of Federal Agents and Local Law Enforcement In Charleston Conducting an Active Shooter Drill June 15-19th. They were already in position and this is why FBI was on the scene like lightning. The shooting happening right in the middle of this 5 day Drill. There is no denying the […]

The Man Behind An Encrypted Network That Will Take Down Facebook

1100000 In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to the CEO and one of many people behind a new opensource encrypted social network that many are saying will destroy facebook. The new social network took off and gained popularity when anonymous groups started to endorse it. Follow WeAreChange on Minds here Source Article from […]

Charleston Church Shooting Hoax Crisis Actor CAUGHT Reciting Lines

29401000 (Truth Stream Media)  We are not putting this video up to judge another person’s suffering. We are putting this video up because there’s a distinct and disturbing absence of suffering. There’s an eerie absence of really any emotions at all. This interview was conducted, according to the interviewer, just 24 hours after these people’s […]

Battery-Powered Surfboard Loaded With 20-Pounds of Meth Spotted Off Tijuana

1100000 (Laura McVicker)  A battery-powered surfboard loaded with 20 pounds of crystal methamphetamine was spotted along a Tijuana beach on Tuesday night, Tijuana police said. The surfboard was spotted by beachgoers in the area of Playas de Tijuana at about 7:30 p.m. People noticed the surfboard had strange plastic wrapped around it and notified authorities. Responding […]

‘Obama coffee’ is black and weak — racist tweet from wife of Israel’s vice premier

The internet is buzzing with the racist tweet by the wife of an Israeli minister.   Silvan Shalom Mozes is a journalist and radio host. Silvan Shalom is Israel’s vice prime minister and minister of the interior. The Independent says Mozes has since removed the tweet and apologized. Mozes: I apologize, that was a stupid […]

Israeli diplomats ‘are not allowed to speak’ on US campuses, but North Korean diplomats are, Israeli official says

Israeli diplomats “are not allowed to speak” on US campuses, while North Korean and Iranian diplomats are, an Israeli Foreign Ministry official complained last week. Akiva Tor, head of World Jewish Affairs in the Israeli government, spoke at a June 9 panel on “the coming storm” on campus over BDS, the boycott, divestment and sanctions […]

New photos from the Health Ranger ranch: Snake capture, roosters, goats, donkeys, wildflowers and more

(NaturalNews) Because most people who read Natural News live in cities, I like to share photos from the ranch in Texas, where life is rugged, rural and self-reliant. There’s tremendous natural beauty on the ranch, and it’s authentic beauty from Mother Nature. This isn’t some city park, artificial Disney campus or landscaped urban […]

Nearly every mass shooting in the last 20 years shares one surprising thing… and it’s not guns

(NaturalNews) The following is a republishing of an important article written by Dan Roberts from It reveals the real truth about mass shootings that bureaucrats and lawmakers are choosing to sweep under the rug: psychiatric drugs. If you want to know the real reason why mass shootings are taking place, this is […]

Anti-fluoride activists receive roaring applause after presenting powerful testimony to Austin Public Utilities Commission

(NaturalNews) The presentation of more than 50 pages worth of scientific reviews and studies detailing the adverse health impacts of water fluoridation wasn’t enough to persuade the Public Utilities Commission to urge Austin City Council to stop the controversial practice. On Wednesday June 17, a quorum of the Austin City Council, including Vice […]

Help fund the Roundup class action lawsuit to stop Monsanto’s false labeling of this deadly poison!

(NaturalNews) Three residents of Los Angeles have filed a class action lawsuit against the Monsanto Company for false and misleading advertising. Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide currently bears the claim “Glyphosate targets an enzyme found in plants but not in people or pets” (italics added for emphasis) that is patently false, and plaintiffs are seeking […]

Flawed Nat Geo propaganda claims organic farming can feed the world – but only with GMOs

(NaturalNews) How great would it be if organic farming were recognized as a way to feed the world? Of course, it has been acknowledged as a good idea by many people around the globe, including the folks involved with the popular magazine National Geographic. That’s the good news. The bad? They’re on board […]

Google’s New Project Is So Insanely Advanced It Will Blow You Away

If Google has its way, our future will be nothing less than a sci-fi movie. After creeping us out with a robotic cheetah and the Google ‘Glass’, Google is all set to bring forth something really amazing. Google’s Project Soli has invented a new interaction sensor using radar technology that can capture motions of your […]

Des Moines, Iowa is planning to build a first-of-a kind robotic grocery store

1100000 (Christopher Snyder)  No more long lines at the grocery store – the future of food shopping is getting a high-tech upgrade. Des Moines, Iowa is planning to build a first-of-a kind robotic grocery store as an experiment to offer food and necessities to locals anytime at their convenience. A partnership between the nonprofit Eat […]

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