Chemtrail plane crashes


 A Boeing 707 plane with three people onboard crashed in Point Mugu naval air base in Ventura County on Wednesday, May 18, 2011. (KABC Photo)

Do look at the Omega Symbol on the plane, it is the symbol of destruction.  These people have no humanity within them.  Watch out for a few more crashes of the chemtrail planes.  (They will happen!)

Here is another picture of it after the fire was put out!   It looks like an Aluminuim lake!!!


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  1. Karen Ulrich says:

    I know this report is a year old, but have noticed a greater increase in small plane crashes across the nation that get little to no attention. I am wondering if there is evidence of small planes trying to get out of the way of chemtrail planes that are not flying on a flight plan and catch these little guys off guard. For example, Florida has been sprayed hard for days now as can be seen by radar and this article talks only about finding a boy and not about an investigation, like they already know why it crashed but the authorities are not saying.
    Where I live, in Northern, IL we have had 3 small plane crashes that I can remember in the last year or less. There is a small airport in Lake in the Hills, IL that small planes never made it to. On all three days, we were being chemtrailed heavily. During one, it was raining hard and you could hear the chemtrail planes flying in the storm when it crashed on a farm in Crystal Lake, IL

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