Chemtrails Sprayed From Planes in 1921 as “Chemical Warfare”



1921: A smoke curtain around USS Tennessee (BB-43) during training operations in the Atlantic Ocean

This is a 1921 US Army chemical warfare training film carried out in the Atlantic ocean. We see an aircraft spray a toxic chemical trail to create a smoke curtain in front of the USS Tennessee.  The half mile chemtrail is sprayed in front of the ship in 18 seconds to demonstrate that it can completely block the USS Tennessee from enemy view.

The chemical is most likely Titanium tetrachloride – a yellow, non-flammable, corrosive liquid that hydrolyzes readily into a dense white smoke, consisting of droplets of hydrochloric acid and particles of titanium oxychloride.

The smoke will irritate the eyes and skin and is caustic to the airway and lungs.

It was designed to be sprayed from aircraft to create a vertical smoke screen. During World War II it was a favorite smoke generation chemical on warships.  Goggles or a respirator should be worn when in contact with the toxic smoke and full protective clothing should be worn when handling the chemical in order to avoid acid burns on the skin and in the eyes.


Look familiar?  Is this the 21st century version of a chemical curtain dropping dowm on civilian populations? Could some formulation of Titanium tetrachloride do this?

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Titanium tetrachloride
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