Clamping down Media Sites: US Hegemony Reveals Its Fragile Democracy


Clamping down Media Sites: US Hegemony Reveals Its Fragile Democracy

Mohammad Youssef

The recent US aggression against the resistance axis; clamping down its electronic sites is very revealing and represents a new surge of confrontation!

By doing this, Washington has proved how fragile and weak the American democracy is.

In its attempt to gag the voices and prevent spreading the truth about the real events and the ongoing events in the region, especially in Palestine, the US administration is testifying to the following:

First: the resistance axis media has been very effective, especially recently in sending the message to the masses and elites, not only in the region, but also all over the world. A message of truth that resonated and formed a new awareness among huge segments of societies and elites in the US and across the Western world.

Second: the recent aggression by the “Israeli” occupation forces against Gaza has revealed more than any time before the true face of “Israel” as an occupying force and an apartheid regime that can never be tolerated or accepted to exist in today’s world.

Third: the American unwavering staunch support to “Israel”; supplying it with sophisticated high tech weaponry and offering a permanent political and diplomatic immunity  to “Israeli” atrocities against the Palestinian people in the name of the American people cannot continue as is, as more serious questions are being leveled to the US officials about their role in supporting “Israel” against Palestinians, and how that complies with the US integrity and system of values that Washington keeps preaching its people and the world.

Fourth: the US officials, supported by a heavy media machine, have always boasted about their systems of values, and attributed to themselves a moral mission in the world to support righteousness and defend doomed and oppressed people; This has almost come to an end or has been heavily criticized and contested by mounting number of citizens and elites in the US who started to shatter this American myth about defending democracy and democratic values. Moreover, they are questioning the whole US conduct in the region and the world causing real headache to a long relieved US administration that never expected to be confronted with existential questions about its role in the region and many other sensitive areas of the world.

Fifth: it is worth mentioning that this is only a start that can be built upon and not a main stream current or a huge transformation that can bring about change overnight. All those who believe in independence and freedom from US hegemony should coordinate and work closely and relentlessly to gain more support to their cause and send the right message to the Western audiences because this is a new weapon that cannot be ignored or underestimated in our struggle against the US hegemony.

As such, all the victims of the US- “Israeli”-Western bloody interference in the region and the world should organize their efforts and coordinate their campaigns smoothly and  smartly to start a long term strategy built upon perseverance, patience and deep knowledge of the intended messages that should reach to bring about the anticipated results.

The effort should present a narrative easy to circulate and understood, a moving narrative that brings more people to join and support our righteous cause. We should benefit from every single support and make sure to gain many effective voices to our side whether in media, judiciary, politics, diplomacy, academia, syndicates, art, or any other area or field.

This could insure that we can give “Israel” supporters in the world a real hard time and establish a strong foundation to win our future battles with these warmongering forces!


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