An unseasonal cold snap brought snow to northern Klamath County Sunday with additional cold weather possibly arriving next weekend.

Areas such as Crescent and Crater Lake National Park saw between 2 and 3 inches of snow, while other parts of the region saw temperatures dip as low as the 30s.

Meteorologist Mike Petrucelli, of the National Weather Center’s Medford office, said both cool and moist weather is abnormal for mid-July, but not impossible.

“It’s not unheard of, but just unusual” said Petrucelli.

He said the weather this time of year is dry and warm and should return to normal later in the week, with a possible cold front moving in by the weekend. Petrucelli said, if the weather does cool down, he does not expect it will be as extreme as Sunday.

Up at Crater Lake, the park had to suspend boat tours because of the poor weather at the rim. Park Ranger Charlie Waller said this was the latest July snowfall anyone working at the park could remember.

He said current conditions have returned to sunny and cool with moderate winds.

For farmers in the lower elevations, the cool temperatures did not harm growing potato crops, but were a symptom of cooler trends affecting the potato season.

Sid Staunton, co-owner of Staunton Farms in Tulelake, said this season has seen about 15 degrees colder than normal, which could push harvesting back by a week or so.

“We’re just not getting a real normal warm pattern,” said Staunton.

He said colder weather was better than the heat seen in recent years, which affects the quality and yield of potatoes.