Colin Powell Was NO Hero; He Was a PSYCHOPATHIC War Criminal Representing the Synagogue of Satan

In today’s show originally broadcast on October 22 2021, Andy is joined by Gary Holland for a show entitled, “Are You A Pure Blood Or Have You Been Vaccinated?”

We discussed: how the term, “Pure Bloods,” refers to people of any race who have chosen not to be vaccinated; the history of the Iron Cross which originated in the 13th Century and remains the symbol of the, “Federal Defence Forces Of Germany,” today; what the so-called vaccine will eventually do to you, according to the testimony of many doctors; the problems with being a very trusting people; futher evidence that some people who have been vaccinated have become magnetic at their injection site; the corruption in the FDA; The Guardian’s, “Far-Right Covid Conspiracy Theories Fuelling Anti-Semitism, Warn UK Experts,” article; Colin Powell’s long history in war criminality; how we allowed ourselves to get into this mess; and many other topics.

Click Here To Listen To The Showachitchcock | October 22, 2021 at 10:12 am

Comment: He covered up the My Lai MASSACRE and created the Fake Narrative that Iraqi’s were killing babies. PURE PSYCHOPATH!

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