Compulsory COVID vaccination in the Russian military: Just the facts, please

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The Ole Dog!

Compulsory COVID vaccination in the Russian military: Just the facts, please

Your humble correspondent has once again been exposed as a dangerous H-O-A-X-E-R! But this time by UK Column. Oh no not again.
Before we address these new damning and devastating accusations, let’s briefly review the history of compulsory vaccination in the Russian military.
June 18, 2021: Russia’s MOD adopts compulsory COVID vaccination decree
On June 16, Moscow introduced Russia’s first compulsory vaccination decree. The Defense Ministry followed suit two days later, making vaccination mandatory for employees and contractors.
In an order signed on June 18, 2021, Igor Azarov, Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Ministry of Defense, called for “mandatory preventative” COVID vaccination for Russia’s military. The decree applied to:
1.1. Servicemen of all categories, performing military service by conscription and contract. Citizens called up for military service (military training) who have not completed vaccination before being drafted.
1.2. Employees working in organizations, for individual entrepreneurs operating on the territory of facilities of the Russian Ministry of Defense (including all employees of contractors) in the field of:
military trade and catering;
communal and consumer services;
transport support;
courier-postal communication;
education, including in the field of implementation of additional educational programs;
military healthcare and sanatorium-resort provision;
exhibition, educational events (including employees of museums, exhibition halls, libraries, lecture halls), with the exception of official events organized by military authorities;
patriotic education of children;
sports and recreation complexes.
65% of all Defense Ministry employees needed to receive the first component of the vaccine by July 15, 2021, and the second component by August 15. The decree provided exemptions to those who could not be vaccinated due to medical reasons.
On the same day, Anna Popova, head of the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor), described compulsory vaccination as a “new tool” that could be used to increase the country’s vaccination rate.
June 22, 2021: Conscripts will also be injected



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