Joel McCrea.

‘This Is a Miracle’: Saskatchewan Boy’s Brain Disorder Vanishes
 – May 2021

Joel’s family believes prayer healed the 12-year-old’s potentially life-threatening brain blood vessel disorder. 

Joel has had a ‘surprising and unprecedented’ reversal of a potentially life-threatening brain disorder, baffling doctors.

Joel had suffered from an arteriovenous malformation (AVM), a tangle of blood vessels in the brain that can disrupt blood flow and cause strokes or bleeding in the brain.

‘Networks of observers are responsible for determining physical reality?’

Joel’s grandma, Evelyn Chretien, talked with her weekly prayer group about what was happening in her family.

“We all felt that there was a healing that had taken place in our prayer time.”

On May 9, Joel and his father went to the Northeast Christian Fellowship in Melfort. 

Senior Pastor Paul Dubois recalled that he felt led during the service to ask a church elder to share a story with the congregation about how his sister was healed after he prayed for her.

“His sister … went to get the operation and they did a scan on her … and there was nothing wrong. … They did a few tests, and she was fully healed,” Dubois told The Epoch Times.

“I felt God was going to do this for Joel, and so we gathered around and we had some people praying for him, and we just believed for it.”

‘Networks of observers are responsible for determining physical reality?’

At the Winnipeg Children’s Hospital, on May 25, a doctor told Joel’s father ‘We have actually really good news, something that we’ve never seen before in a kid that has an AVM like this.

‘I’m really shocked that this has happened. And I want to tell you, I’ve done four angiogram scans on your son, four of them. … and there is nothing wrong with his brain.

‘The whole AVM is healed.’ 

This Is a Miracle’: Saskatchewan Boy’s Brain Disorder Vanishes – May 2021

Is the physical universe independent from us, or is it created by our minds, as suggested by scientist Robert Lanza?

Is human consciousness creating reality?

Is human consciousness creating reality?

A new study claims –

(Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics.) 

Networks of observers are responsible for determining physical reality.

Observers create time and space.
The paper’s authors include Robert Lanza, famous for the theory of biocentrism.
Biocentrism argues that consciousness is the driving force for the existence of the universe. 
Lanza believes that the physical world is created by our minds. 
According to his biocentric view, “information” in our head is weaved together by our mind into a coherent experience.

Networks of observers are responsible for determining physical reality.

Lanza’s new paper, co-authored by Dmitriy Podolskiy and Andrei Barvinsky, shows how observers influence the structure of our reality.

Observers – you, me, and anyone else – come up with “a globally agreed-upon model” of reality by exchanging information. 

“You measure something,” Lanza writes, “Once you keep measuring a quantity over and over, knowing the result of the first measurement, you will see the outcome to be the same.

“Similarly, if you learn from somebody about the outcomes of their measurements of a physical quantity, your measurements and those of other observers influence each other”, explained Lanza.

Lanza says, “Stephen Hawking was right when he said: ‘The past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities.'”

The God Equation?

Physics’ greatest mystery: Michio Kaku explains the God Equation | Big
The quantum model, which states that all possibilities exist in this present moment, is your key to using the placebo effect for healing, because it gives you permission to choose a new future for yourself and actually observe it into reality.”

“The Hawaiian Mystics teach … reconciliation and forgiveness…

“We are always … responsible for any miracle and/or problem that occurs in our life…”

“Our soul (is on an) evolutionary journey towards enlightenment.”

Jack Schwarz, 1924 – 2000.

Jack Schwarz was born into a Christian family in Holland.

When he was a small child, Jack Schwarz found that he could levitate and by age 9 he found he had the ability to heal.

Jack’s mother had tuberculosis.

Each day after school Jack pressed his hands to his mother’s pain, and in three months she was out of bed.

Jack said: ‘I became at that time a little bit of a miracle kid of the neighborhood, and they brought their frogs, and their pigeons and their grandmothers, and I just didn’t know what I was doing really.’

Jesus found the healed man in the temple and said to him, “Sin no more, so that nothing worse may happen to you.”

The England football team’s former coach Glen Hoddle once argued that disabled people are disabled because of events in a previous life.
Hoddle – disabled

Jesus healed a blind man.

Jesus’s disciples asked him, “Who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”

“Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus.

Jesus did not condemn the woman caught in adultery, but he instructed her to sin no more.

K’tut Tantri (1898–1997), born Muriel Stuart Walker, was a Scottish American woman who claims that she was tortured by the Japanese while living in Japanese occupied Indonesia.
K’tut Tantri believed that in a previous life she had been a torturer.

“Each lifetime has a focus, a purpose and affords a soul a variety of lessons… 
“When the lessons are learned, and sometimes they are not, the soul moves onto the next level of awareness and continues until it can grow enough to leave the cycle of reincarnation.”

– Elizabeth Joyce

Thirty years ago, German doctor Rüdiger Dahlke and German psychotherapist Thorwald Dethlefsen wrote a book called The Healing Power of Illness.

The book argued that sick people aren’t just innocent victims of disease but are responsible for the illnesses they take on.
Dahlke says: “We have to get to know what that disease means in our lives, what it wants to tell us. A disease presents a task and when we perform the task, we heal the body.”


Can we change ‘reality’?

The video below suggests that we can.

Anonymous left the following comment on the post “THE MEANING OF LIFE“:

It seems people are catching-up with the “Block Theory” of our current state?

Considering that we, and everything, is really ‘space’, at the nucleic-level, and doesn’t exist until it’s observed, there are many paradoxes?

Even then the physical nucleic ‘structure’ apparently vibrates, so there would be many frequencies that if not in-phase, would generate many ‘universes’ to ‘phase’ in and out of?

I never really understood Mouni Sadhu’s comment, “As I sit here outside of time, [in the ‘Now,’] looking at my watch…” until recently when many sources ‘re-found’ the ‘Now’ concept.

To be totally present in the now, devoid of thought, it’s postulated earthly-time ceases?

This makes me wonder at Tolle…


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