Bernie Sanders in Phoenix, tells it like it is!

Bernie Sanders in Phoenix, tells it like it is!

The media is censoring this speech make by Bernie Sanders this week that was made in Phoenix. Nowhere, and I mean nowhere are you seeing this speech, or even MEANINGFUL clips of this speech.

What is so toxic that the corporate owned and controlled media is running from this like the plague?

  1. “So long as we have the corrupt campaign system in America where politicians can be bought and sold through campaign donations, we will never have a democracy for the people”.
  2.  “Why is the Walton (Walmart) family being given tax dollars for anything? They are richest family in the country. This is not a democracy, the is an oligarchy”.
  3. The free trade agreements that are destroying our country are making billionaires out of a few people at the expense of the many”.

There are many other quotes worthy of listening to.  You quickly hear why the media is censoring this speech.

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