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Two Ravens

Two Ravens – The Clairvoyant’s Totem
by Energy Artist Julia Watkins

If you’ve read very much of my blog you know I’m all about sharing the Truth—about pretty much everything.

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to WordPress for providing the platform for me to easily do that, and to say that I don’t monetize my site at all.

I receive no income whatsoever for information or links I post, I don’t work with advertisers and I don’t solicit donations. I simply want to give credit where credit is due.  I share what I feel is important to the awakening of Humanity and what has been instrumental in arriving at my current understanding of where we are today and where we are going as a race. I do this as a service to others.

In its infancy early in May 2012, my blog began by trying to access the consciousness of my readers “gently”, so as not to overwhelm you or turn you off. That would only have been the case if you read the posts in order, however. If you jumped in mid-stream or searched on a keyword and landed on later posts prior to digesting the introductory ones—Heaven help you!

I understand that hearing things that are in direct opposition to absolutely everything we’ve been taught—and indeed, what we find in our history books—for some is a bitter pill to swallow. Some may gag, and some may throw it up!

My spouse still doesn’t believe that the entire mainstream media is controlled, so until he hears the Truth on the six o’clock news or on a search engine landing page, he’ll continue to believe I’m “radical” and “gullible”. Oh well. That’s HIS problem. He’ll have to eat a lot of crow and I have many ways to serve it! ;0)

In my initial posts I discussed how the powers-that-were controlled every single aspect of our lives for thousands of years; how they corrupted our view of not only where Humanity originated and how we evolved, but who we ARE.

I likened our current situation to a theatrical production, with different sets and stages. I said that if one was only watching a particular stage—like the political one—or several but not all, they would not have an accurate or full understanding of why life is the way it is, why we believe what we do about ourselves, and what our future holds.

My goal was to share The Big Picture. I believe I have done a fairly good job of that. The scope of my mission was immense, and I could not possibly share everything about everything, but decided to play a small part. MY part. To be a catalyst.

I feel that if I did a satisfactory job of  opening the minds of my readers (who I planned would be only friends and family) to the seeds of possibility, that they were then equipped to go out on their own and seek more Truth from the abundance of initiatives offered by other Lightworkers and alternative new sites.

As it turned out, many of my readers came from distant lands.  My blog, and countless others like it have ignited the spark of Truth in enquiring minds and you, in turn, took it upon yourselves to share the Truth with others within your sphere of influence—possibly without even realizing it—because the collective consciousness touches everyone on the planet. We ARE all One.

Some of you may have arrived on this blog cringing when you read “that One-ness stuff”, but if your soul was nudging you to question and awaken, you may now be one of those who recognizes Oneness as a Universal Truth and have already shared that Truth with your hot prospects. So many souls on Earth are dry tinder to the spark of knowledge and understanding, and it feels to me like together we’ve ignited a raging forest fire at this point.

Exponentially more people are questioning whether we simply arrive on this planet to age, work (get sick) and die. Is this all there is, they ask?

It feels to me like we are rapidly approaching the tipping point when mass consciousness will explode into an awakened state of bliss. It will be glorious to behold, and I applaud those of you who didn’t shut down when you heard or read something that was what you considered a long way out of the realm of possibility; that you persisted and sought validation so you could decide for yourself what the Truth really is.

I particularly extend kudos to those who were indoctrinated into religion and embraced it as a fundamental part of their life, only to hear that it had become so perverted over time that it barely contains a shred of its original intent today—and yet still persevered in their quest for Truth. That must have been a behemoth hurdle.

On the other hand, I hope a few felt intense relief to learn that they are not evil, have not sinned, and will not go to Hell as some religions are wont to threaten.

Not all Lightworkers’ blogs address Religion, but I do, because it’s a very important aspect of life on this planet. It’s been the source of so many wars and the death of immeasurable innocents. Religion and faith are also the source of inspiration and strength for much of society globally. Some of us merely have faith in different things, but to the same end.

There is another side to religion, as well. There are those who simply don’t resonate with any religion at all. They never believed Jesus, or Jeshua, existed, that he performed “miracles” or that he died on the cross and then rose again. (That’s a myth too, by the way.) They get turned off when people discuss Jesus/Jeshua, angels, the virgin birth, going to heaven, who god is, all of it.

What the Truth of things will reveal is that we can all meet on common ground. We are all partially right—and we know how people love to be right!

I hope some souls will come to accept sooner than later that Jeshua did indeed live on Earth—and did perform “miracles”—but only in the sense that Humanity doesn’t understand what is possible because we’ve been genetically modified to prevent us from knowing our mystical connection to our Creator and how to manipulate matter, among other abilities; thoughts become things, and all that.

We all originated from one Source; we just have different names for It. Over the years those who did somehow manage to open a conduit to those in spirit or the non-physical and knew how to use the mystical arts were ostracized, ridiculed, burned at the stake, and driven underground.

The powers-that-were are still trying to do that today to maintain their guise of power. They ridicule—and encourage the rest of us to ridicule—precognitives, seers, empaths, contactees, psychics, channelers—anyone who is an example of what the rest of us originally were designed to be but had it bred out of us through gene manipulation in the equivalent of Dr. Frankenstein’s lab.

We have been trained to use the left side of our brain; to be logical and scientific and to disregard the right side of the brain where our connection to our Higher Self or Intuition and Source resides. “Women’s intuition” is only for the weak and gullible, don’t you know, and not to be trusted, and hence women have been targeted and attacked for thousands of years to prevent the feminine energies from having power.

I don’t have to tell anyone that when they hear the Truth, they just know it is. Their higher self (although they may not recognize it) is guiding them. We will only recognize what we are ready to hear, however. Fortunately, the current energies of Ascension are triggering the awakening of Humanity and rendering many more of us ready to hear the Truth.

I want to share with you what was for me a key source of data and preparedness for this glorious time in which we now find ourselves. For years I have been exploring and pondering Truth and I found it in the information shared by Dr. Richard Presser and Carolyn Evers—two unlikely companions whose divergent paths crossed thousands of miles when their pre-birth soul agendas thrust them together a few years ago.

The channelings and information they have brought forth from beyond the veil rocked my world and enabled me to reach the point where my love of writing would guide me to share Truth with others via this blog. I was never “religious”, and like some others, the topic of Jeshua, God, etc. caused me to disbelieve much of what “religion” tried to sell us. I just wasn’t buying it.

However—Richard and Carolyn’s work DID involve Jeshua, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, the Disciples, the Archangels and many other Celestial deities, and in time my discomfort gave way to a satisfaction that everything made sense and resonated highly with me. It wasn’t what The Bible taught. It was a NEW Truth. I recognized MY Truth in pretty short order. It was through these two that I first learned I am an ET—and it felt so right! I never doubted it for a second. It was just one more piece of the puzzle.

If religion is a stumbling block for you on your search for Truth—no matter which side of the fence you’re on—I urge you to explore what these two esteemed individuals bring to the table; in particular, their newsletter entitled, Jeshua, Then and Now.

The newsletter comes out twice each month and begins by answering questions from readers about the life and times of Jeshua. I’ve been working with Richard and Carolyn to produce these newsletters for months and their eye-opening publication has at this point in time evolved to tell us exactly what happened with Atlantis, and I mean EVERYTHING—right down to the forbidden manipulation of the human form. It’s riveting and I believe will be part of the New History books. (talk about an oxymoron!)

If you consider yourself enlightened and in-the-know, you may want to consider this easily affordable avenue of education. As you assimilate this information the events of today will make so much more sense to you, and as Truth becomes part of the collective consciousness, it will open more minds and set the stage for Disclosure and First Contact that much faster—and what I most desire for all of us on this planet is to speed Ascension as much as possible.

You can order Jeshua, Then and Now if you click on this link. The first three (3) issues are FREE. They are distributed via auto responder so you will get Issue One, Two, Three in that order, and the series continues from there. I just don’t want you to think you’re going to receive the issues about Atlantis off the top. They will come later if you decide to get a paid subscription for $10/month—that’s $5 per issue for information you won’t find anywhere else. There! Complete transparency!

Also on this blog I weekly provide invitations to Richard and Carolyn’s Saturday BBS Radio show, “The Messenger” where you can listen live and ask questions of their guests ranging from Atlan, King of Atlantis to the more contemporary John F. Kennedy and Michael Jackson.

If you can’t attend in real time, you can listen to the recordings free of charge here from the archive.  If you use the Search feature on this blog (top left) using the keyword ‘BBS radio’ you will see some of those past invitations.

Here’s to Truth!

There are two ways to be fooled: One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what IS true.

~ Søren Kierkegaard

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