Cousin George Washington’s Command Flag Flies Above Limey St. George’s Flag Catching the Evil Spirit Of Pedo Fake queenie

When great grandfather type Edward the 1st died, he gave Europe the finger.
The flag of the Royal line was transferred to America.

If not before, the 2nd string line left in Merry ole was bastardized with the births of Edward the 4th and Richard the 3ed.

Every English or British “royal” from them on have been commoner fakes.

Cousin George kicked the pretend “royals” asses in the late 1700s.

The bottom of the barrel best part ran down their mama’s leg and ended up a brown stain on the mattress fake “royals” but REAL Pedophiles have been an embarrassment to real Royals.

With Cousin George’s command flag flying above to show dominance and superiority, the St. George’s limey flag is there to catch the evil the ole German commoner cow been squatting on public assistance at Buckingham left in the air when the evil ole hag assumed room temperature.

After 7 days I will take St.Georges banner down with the evil of the Fake commoner queenie filter out of the air, have my dogs p[oop and pee on it, and then burn it on the first moonless dark night thereafter, signifying the fires of hell the ole bitch will burn in and the darkness her evil misbegotten soul will wander in for eternity.

They say ole Chinless Charlie who wears skirts because sheep and children can hear zippers will now be pretend king of the tiny little island for pretenders, pedophiles, losers and misfits.

I have another St. George’s flag waiting for his ass to assume room temperature.

The Ole Dog!


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