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We love animals — so why do we treat them so badly?

‘UK church leaders: Covid passports “one of the most dangerous policy proposals ever to be made in the history of British politics” with the “potential to bring about the end of liberal democracy as we know it”‘

‘50,000 Poles are dead because the government closed normal health care facilities ‘to fight coronavirus’.
‘Polish television host Jan Pospieszalski, writes of Poland’s massive excess death of people WITHOUT covid infections
 “The 50,000 increase in deaths in cases where there was no coronavirus infection is twice as high compared to cases where infections were noted. These people died due to the closing of health care facilities.” 

The head of Denmark’s medicines agency, Tanja Erichsen, fainted.

She was fit and healthy and had ‘everything to live for’… but …

‘As few as two per cent of positive Covid lateral flow test results taken in low prevalence areas are accurate, an adviser to Matt Hancock has warned.

‘In emails, leaked to the Guardian, senior strategist Ben Dyson is said to have warned health department colleagues about the unreliability of lateral flow test results.’

Rapid Covid testing in England may be scaled back over false positives | Coronavirus | The Guardian


‘Lockdowns Destroy All Competition to the Companies Owned by the 30 Illuminati Families’

‘Writing in a letter to the UK PM, the owners of over sixty restaurants, night clubs, and other hospitality venues have announced that they will not adopt the health pass programme, regardless of whether it is mandated by the government or not.’

The DeathJab is FIRST a SIN AGAINST PRUDENCE. Therefore the entire question of it containing murdered baby is moot from a moral theology perspective. 


‘There have been suggestions that PCR testing in certain circumstances could trigger encephalitis.’

‘LYTTON, British Columbia, April 14, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – One patient died, two suffered anaphylactic reactions, three have ongoing disabling dizziness, muscle weakness, and chronic pain, and “numerous” patients developed allergic reactions after they received a first dose of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine given to 900 mostly Indigenous people, according to a local doctor who works in the tiny Fraser Valley village of Lytton, British Columbia.’

The WHO’s Vaccine Experts Inadvertently Communicate to the World that “Vaccine Hesitancy” Makes Scientific Sense

‘Mainstream Everything can create a pandemic out of anything, even out of a Low Infection Fatality Rate (1) virus that arguably has not been properly isolated, purified, or replicated.’

False Perception Fabrication Inc.

Boris Johnson condemns International Criminal Court Palestine investigation as ‘attack on Israel’

Palestine condemns Boris Johnson for opposing ICC Israel investigation. PM accused of giving ‘carte blanche to Israel’ by saying court had no right to examine alleged war crimes.

Comparing weekly mortality in 24 European countries, the findings in this paper suggest that more severe lockdown policies have not been associated with lower mortality. In other words, the lockdowns have not worked as intended.”

Did Lockdown Work? An Economist’s Cross-Country Comparison” by Christian Bjørnskov. CESifo Economic Studies March 29th, 2021.

“Stringency of the measures settled to fight pandemia, including lockdown, did not appear to be linked with death rate.”

Covid-19 Mortality: A Matter of Vulnerability Among Nations Facing Limited Margins of Adaptation” by Quentin De Larochelambert, Andy Marc, Juliana Antero, Eric Le Bourg, and Jean-François Toussaint. Frontiers in Public Health, November 19th, 2020.

“Lockdowns do not reduce COVID-19 deaths.”

Government mandated lockdowns do not reduce Covid-19 deaths: implications for evaluating the stringent New Zealand response” by John Gibson. New Zealand Economic Papers, August 25th, 2020.

“While small benefits cannot be excluded, we do not find significant benefits on case growth of more restrictive NPIs.”

Assessing Mandatory Stay‐at‐Home and Business Closure Effects on the Spread of COVID‐19” by Eran Bendavid, Christopher Oh, Jay Bhattacharya, John P.A. Ioannidis. European Journal of Clinical Investigation, January 5th, 2021.

“Previous studies have claimed that shelter-in-place orders saved thousands of lives, but we reassess these analyses and show that they are not reliable. We find that shelter-in-place orders had no detectable health benefits, only modest effects on behaviour, and small but adverse effects on the economy.”

Evaluating the effects of shelter-in-place policies during the COVID-19 pandemic” by Christopher R. Berry, Anthony Fowler, Tamara Glazer, Samantha Handel-Meyer, and Alec MacMillen, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the USA, April 13th, 2021.

“We were not able to explain the variation of deaths per million in different regions in the world by social isolation, herein analysed as differences in staying at home, compared to baseline. In the restrictive and global comparisons, only 3% and 1.6% of the comparisons were significantly different, respectively.”

Stay-at-home policy is a case of exception fallacy: an internet-based ecological study,” by R. F. Savaris, G. Pumi, J. Dalzochio & R. Kunst. Scientific Reports (Nature), March 5th, 2021.

“Full lockdowns and wide-spread COVID-19 testing were not associated with reductions in the number of critical cases or overall mortality.”

A country level analysis measuring the impact of government actions, country preparedness and socioeconomic factors on COVID-19 mortality and related health outcomes” by Rabail Chaudhry, George Dranitsaris, Talha Mubashir, Justyna Bartoszko, Sheila Riazi. EClinicalMedicine (The Lancet) 25 (2020) 100464, July 21st, 2020.

Liberal MP Sponsors Petition Calling For Criticism of Police to be Classified as a Form of Hate Speech

‘Young, healthy’ South Mississippi man suffers stroke hours after receiving J&J vaccine


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