CPAC 2021 – live: Rubio speech cancelled at last minute as Trump Jr pushes father’s big election lie

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) enters its third day in Orlando, Florida, with attendees gearing up for the culmination on Sunday when it is rumoured Donald Trump will announce a 2024 presidential run.

Described as “Woodstock for election liars” by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, Joe Biden has said he will not be paying attention to the four-day gathering.

On Saturday morning, Republican senator Marco Rubio’s scheduled speech was cancelled just minutes before he was scheduled to take the stage. He later said it was due to an “unexpected family issue”.

It came after a Friday evening speech in which Donald Trump Jr took to the stage with much bombast, introduced by his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, and took potshots at a number of popular targets of the day, from the media to Democrats to traditional Republicans – and also promoted his father’s big election lie by falsely suggesting Mr Biden received fewer than 80 million votes.


Paul Gosar, currently speaking at CPAC, ‘appeared at white nationalist rally’ last night

Representative Paul Gosar, who is currently railing against illegal immigration at CPAC, last night appeared at a white nationalist America First rally, according to domestic extremism expert Jared Holt.

Mr Holt reported that at the rally on Friday, the headline speaker said that if demographics change in America and there is no longer a white majority, that it “isn’t America” anymore.

According to Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer, organiser Nick Fuentes also said white people were “done being bullied” and said the Capitol riot was “awesome”.

Tom Embury-Dennis27 February 2021 14:40


Rubio says his CPAC speech was cancelled due to ‘unexpected family issue’

Marco Rubio has said his CPAC speech scheduled for early this morning was cancelled due to an “unexpected family issue”.

“I was really looking forward to it. But as I told @mschlapp they should move #cpac to #Florida permanently,” he added.

Tom Embury-Dennis27 February 2021 14:29


Rick Grennell takes stage at CPAC

Donald Trump’s former acting director of national intelligence, Rick Grennell, has taken the stage at CPAC.

He begins, somewhat brazenly, by complaining about the politicisation of intelligence – something Mr Grennell took to unprecedented levels during his brief stint at the top of the US intelligence committee.


Tom Embury-Dennis27 February 2021 14:17


CPAC begins Saturday by promoting false claims about election fraud

CPAC has begun the day in Florida by continuing to promote false claims about mass presidential election fraud.

A video montage about November’s vote promoted a host of assertions that have been rejected by experts and courts nationwide. It has also fumed at social media companies’ claimed mistreatment of conservatives.


Tom Embury-Dennis27 February 2021 14:08


Marco Rubio appearance at CPAC cancelled

For reasons as yet unknown, Marco Rubio’s scheduled appearance at CPAC has been cancelled just minutes beforehand, according to Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel.

Marco Rubio speaks during a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Border Security and Immigration hearing on Capitol Hill

(Getty Images)

Tom Embury-Dennis27 February 2021 13:39


Marco Rubio to open third day of CPAC

Florida’s Republican senator Marco Rubio will get CPAC underway today when he delivers “remarks” at 8.45am – in little over half an hour – before 9am will see a half an hour talk titled “Sell Outs: The Devaluing of American Citizenship”.

It will feature Texas attorney general Ken Paxton, who infamously led an attempt to overturn the election in Donald Trump’s favour at the Supreme Court. It will also feature representatives Yvette Herrell and Paul Gosar.

Ken Paxton, ​​Attorney General State of Texas attends the forum ‘Partnerships to Eradicate Human Trafficking in the Americas’ at the 2019 Concordia Americas Summit on 14 May 2019 in Bogota, Colombia

((Getty Images for Concordia Summit))

Tom Embury-Dennis27 February 2021 13:13


Bizarre CPAC video claiming Trump is the ‘real American samurai’ leaves people baffled

If you thought that gold Trump statues, refusals to wear a mask in the middle of a global pandemic and doubling down on the debunked voter fraud claims that led to a deadly insurrection were about as peak CPAC as we were going to get, hold up because there’s an astonishing one-minute video here to say “hold my drink”.

The clip was apparently part of a video package shown at the Conservative pro-Trump conference on Friday. It shows Japanese political scientist and “Samurai Futurologist” Gemki Fujii (sometimes transcribed as “Genki Fujii”) waxing lyrical about the former president.

CPAC itself has promoted Fujii’s support of Trump, tweeting on Thursday about his appearance and referring to him as “the last samurai”, directing attendees to visit his booth to hear Fujii’s “view on threat of Chinese communism”.

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Sirena Bergman27 February 2021 12:48


CNN’s Jim Acosta met with hostility at CPAC

Footage taken by a Bloomberg reporter shows CNN’s Jim Acosta at CPAC being surrounded by Trump supporters, one of whom exclaims, “Get him, get him” while he speaks to the crowd.

Some then begin to chant “CNN sucks!”, a chant popularised at Trump rallies before he lost the presidency.

Tom Embury-Dennis27 February 2021 12:26


Republicans said they couldn’t attend key votes on Covid relief – before appearing as speakers at CPAC

Several Republican lawmakers said they could not attend Congress on Friday to vote for the coronavirus stimulus package due to the pandemic, but were due to appear in-person at the conservative conference taking place in Orlando, Florida, this weekend.

According to CNN, the Republican lawmakers included those who were former US president Donald Trump’s closest allies – some of whom were scheduled to speak at this weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Florida.

The group of twelve House Republicans said they were unable to attend a number of votes in the House of Representatives that day “due to the ongoing public health emergency”, in a written letter seen by CNN.

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Gino Spocchia27 February 2021 12:06


Former White House counsel brands Ted Cruz ‘pathetic’ after CPAC speech

Former Nixon White House counsel John Dean has branded Ted Cruz as a “pathetic guy” and a “loudmouth” following the Republican senator’s performance at CPAC on Friday.

“Watching Sen. Ted Cruz at CPAC. He is not as charismatic as a toadstool,” Mr Dean tweeted.

“He has transitioned into his Trumpian mode of future demagogue. But he doesn’t do it very well. He just a shouter and loudmouth at this time. Pathetic guy who hungers for real power. May he never get it!”

Tom Embury-Dennis27 February 2021 11:43


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