Cripples and Retards Stage “Die-In” to Protest Senate Healthcare Bill

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
June 23, 2017

lol at these cripples!

Today the Senate unveiled legislation aimed to fix the failure that is Obamacare. At the same time, a small group of cripples and retards staged a “die-in” protest against it outside of Mitch McConnell’s office.

USA Today:

On the day that GOP senators released their version of legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare, protesters staged Thursday a sit-in in front of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office.

The protesters, some of whom were in wheelchairs, were there to voice their opposition to health care legislation that would make deep cuts to Medicaid. They called their protest a “die-in.”

One video showed people chanting, “No cuts to Medicaid, save our liberty!”

As a general rule of thumb, I agree that it is not right to make fun of cripples or retards. This however is a definite exception. These people were hysterically protesting a piece of legislation that they hadn’t even read. They deserve to be mocked for going through with this.

Check out some of this footage.

The people who setup this protest should be ashamed of themselves. They used physically and mentally disadvantaged individuals as props for political purposes. Using cripples and retards like this is not ethical.

It looks like @alisonbarkoff was a major organizer behind this stunt. Talk about a bad person. The fact that she claims to be an advocate for cripples and retards is a sick joke. Would a real advocate for the interests of cripples and retards put them in a position where they could get hurt or arrested?

But seriously though, what is the purpose behind this protest? Obamacare is a failure. Health insurers are pulling out of Obamacare exchanges all over the country. Costs have gone through the roof. The entire system is collapsing and needs to be fixed.

On a side note, the Jewish terrorist Chuck Schumer also spoke out against the bill with remarks prepared before the bill was made public. Talk about a political hack! At least read the damn thing before denouncing it!

I’m sure that this bill has its share of issues but the status quo is entirely unacceptable. The fact that these people are protesting to maintain a failed system is the height of insanity.

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