by Jonathan Azaziah

Do you know who these children are? Of course you don’t. Because they’re Iraqis, not French, and they were murdered in the Karrada district of Baghdad two weeks ago, not Nice. These five adorable little girls are just a few of the young ones snuffed out by the Zionist entity’s Takfiri Frankenstein but by virtue of them being Iraqi/Arab/Muslim, they have been relegated to the dead zone of “Not News, Never News”. This is the Zionist media’s Doctrine of Dehumanization. When innocents are killed “over here”, i.e. the West, their very existence and the narrative surrounding their demise become sacrosanct. But when innocents are killed by Western ZOGs or their proxies “over there”, i.e. the Arab-Islamic world and the Global South more generally, the coverage fallaciously switches to “oh, they’ve been fighting each other for thousands of years”, or, “it’s such a violent place”, or, “their values are so much different from ours”, or, most enraging of all, “they don’t love their children the way we do”. Organized Jewish Interests control the mass media and thus it is the ideology of this parasitic group, namely exceptionalism/chosenhood, that bleeds through at every turn.

Jews and those deemed “righteous Gentiles” by Jews–as in those Westerners who serve their agenda–will be covered as the “Holy Victims of ‘Islamist’ Terrorism”, whereas the “Goyim”–as in, non-Jews, specifically Ishmaelite-Amalekites–are not merely treated as unworthy of media coverage but DESERVING OF THEIR GRUESOME FATE because their governments or resistance movements thwarted International Zionism’s designs. Such obscene supremacy must be exposed and torn down with mercilessness. While the martyrdoms of Iraqis and the deaths of French aren’t equivalent by any means, as we are true oppressed people and therefore true victims, whereas the people of France are the facilitators of colonialist crimes and therefore at the bare minimum partially responsible for what befalls them, innocents are innocents are innocents. Especially children. And though the Zio-Filth would have us all thinking otherwise to keep us divided, no human is above another because of ethnicity, nationality or religious belief; NO human. Never forget the beautiful faces of these Iraqi angels… And never forget the martyrs of Karrada.



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