Debunking the Shedding, Self-Spreading Vaccines Conspiracy Myth that just won’t Stop



There has been a lot of talk about “self-spreading vaccines” back in 2021 and now again, articles are being written about future “self-spreading vaccines” but this is one the dumbest possible conspiracy theory that tinfoil hats have ever created because by definition, WHAT IS A VACCINE? It’s a inactivated virus mixed with a very toxic chemical cocktail which includes carcinogenic ingredients.

Now how could this “self-spread” even work?? What exactly can self spread from that??? The inactivated virus? Then its not dead, it’s alive and multiplying inside of the host and then spreading to others, it’s really as simple as that and in that case, this is not a “self-spreading vaccine” but rather a person being injected with a live virus and then spreading that virus, so it’s a “self-spreading virus”, not a “self-spreading vaccine”.

What about the other ingredients? Can the chemical cocktail “self-spread”? Definitely not, that gets into your muscles and absorbed by your body and that’s it. That chemical cocktail cannot self-spread. How could it even spread? Through breading? Are you breathing out micro-particles of aluminum or mercury or whatever crappy ingredients they used in the “vaccine”?

Now how about the newer mRNA “vaccines”? It’s the same story with the graphene, you can’t excrete graphene onto others. That graphene is not alive, its not multiplying itself inside your lungs for you to have so much graphene in you that when you cough, you cough graphene particles that spread to others!?

Or if you “shed” something, what exactly could you shed?? You could shed a bunch of spike proteins but they aren’t alive just like any other particle. Spikes cannot self-multiply. They aren’t a virus. They are PART OF A VIRUS. Because they do not self-multiply your body will be able to easily detox and pee a bunch of spikes you ingested.

The main thing is your DNA is not altered to produce spikes. You are not a spike factory. If that guy next to you can live with a spike factory inside him, surely you can live by ingesting a few spikes from him if he coughs a bunch of spikes in your direction. Remember, if anything is being shed that cannot reproduce itself inside of your body, you’re fine, your body will detox from it without you doing anything special.

Now if something is being shed from someone “vaccinated” that does multiply inside of your body, then that’s not a “vaccine” and not even a spike protein but simply a virus which you can treat somehow. Let’s not get into paranoia lala-land here.

If you get infected by someone next to you who is “vaccinated”, then you are simply infected with a virus. They will call it a “self-spreading vaccine” but its simply just a virus renamed as “self-spreading vaccine”.

Now how dangerous that virus will be…. it remains to be seen but what you need to know in layman’s terms is that if such a “self-spreading vaccine” is released and people suddenly become sick, then what is really happening, is that they put a live virus in the vaccine that multiplies into the vaccinated hosts and then spreads around to others. There is no such thing as “self-spreading vaccines”.

Saying “self-spreading vaccines” is as if saying self-spreading phones. An inanimate phone which makes more phones by itself and spreading to others. This is just dumb fear porn.

You are basically ingesting and breathing toxic crap everyday from cars, environment, etc and yet here you are alive and well. Your body detoxes itself from just about everything. The main thing is NOT get injected. If you get injected, then that mRNA will modify the DNA of your cells to produce spikes non-stop. Now that’s the danger!!! You can ingest spikes but you can’t live normally with your body producing these spikes non-stop.

One one hand your body makes the spikes, on the other hand the immune system is fighting with them… it’s as if your body is in a constant fight with its own self. Vaccine producers say that this is only for a limited time but how could you know that and besides even for a limited time, it is TOO MUCH. TOO MANY spikes at once and your body is unable to detox fast enough as your own cells became your enemy, making too many spikes. If it wasn’t too much, then there wouldn’t be blood clots, myocarditis and other health problems.

The main thing is, just don’t get stung with their witch doctor voodoo cocktails and you will be perfectly fine staying next to someone who is shedding some spikes towards you.

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