Defense Minister Barak acknowledges Israel’s cyber offensive for first time

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Gili Cohen and Oded Yaron

June 6, 2012

Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Wednesday acknowledged Israel’s offensive cyberspace operations for the first time.

Speaking during a conference at Tel Aviv University, Barak stressed that in cyber warfare, as opposed to conventional warfare, it is more important to invest in defense than offense, and admitted for the first time that Israel has been developing and working on both tactics.

“Our goal with cyber defense, which is the more important and difficult component, is to prevent damage,” Barak said. “It is more than we can benefit from an offensive action, even though both aspects exist.”

Barak’s explicit statement that “both aspects exist” comes after the Israel Defense Forces’ website announced its cybernetics operations. There it was written that the operations include a focus on “information collection, defense, and classified military operations,” among others.

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2 Responses to “Defense Minister Barak acknowledges Israel’s cyber offensive for first time”

  1. From the same people that brought you “Stuxnet”, and “Flame”, and from the place were Intel Pentium 3 became Core 2, which simply demolished AMD’s Athlons using its own technological advances in the field. I bet you the US Cyber-Intelligence had absolutely nothing to do with the above viruses.

  2. Of course. Always asume mossad or CIA . Same bunch of criminals behind both of them. Want to end terrorism then quit supporting it. Our government is overthrown, has been for a long time. You are a victim and also the main target of these terrorists. Our country is in such sad shape because we can’t even investigate these creeps cause it’s all secret. And it would be they investigating themselves anyway.

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