Denmark to Limit ‘Non-Western’ Residents in Neighborhoods to 30 Per Cent

Joe Biden’s secretary of state nominee Antony Blinken, who is currently receiving lavish praise from the media for being the quintessential “internationalist,” previously appeared on Sesame Street to promote refugee immigration to America.

Blinken is being hailed by some legacy media outlets as something akin to the second coming.

The Guardian gushes over him being a “born internationalist” who will utilize his “urbane bilingual charm” to “soothe the frayed nerves of western allies.”

Blinken is basically a dyed in the wool globalist, having previously described Brexit as “a total mess” and pushed for even greater intervention in Syria, a policy that put weapons in the hands of jihadists and aided the rise of ISIS, which in turn caused the migrant crisis and exacerbated global terrorism. He also supported the disastrous 2003 invasion of Iraq.

During his time in the Obama administration, Blinken made an appearance on Sesame Street to propagandize to children about the wonderful benefits of refugee immigration.

“These are people who’ve had to leave their homes because life in their countries is not safe for them,” Blinken told Grover.

That’s pretty ironic given that Blinken supported the very same policy – intervention to help jihadists in Libya and Syria – that directly led to the refugee crisis.

It’s also not true – even the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) previously admitted that 70% of people found crossing the Mediterranean into Europe were not refugees at all – they were economic migrants.

“We all have something to learn and gain from one another even when it doesn’t seem at first like we have much in common,” Blinken also told the fuzzy blue puppet.

Noticeable by its absence was any conversation on the actual impact that opening the floodgates to refugee immigration has had on Europe over the past five years.

Aside from soaring violent crime and rape, virtually every major terror attack on European soil since 2015 was carried out either by “refugees” or ISIS jihadists who exploited the refugee wave to insert cells into Europe.

– The Chechen teen who beheaded school teacher Samuel Paty in Paris had been granted a 10-year residency in France as a refugee in March.

– The majority of the Paris massacre terrorists exploited the refugee wave to enter Europe, including one who was carrying a Syrian passport and was “embedded in the current wave of Syrian war refugees.”

– Salman Abedi was a refugee rescued from the civil war in Libya in August 2014 by the British Royal Navy. He went on to blow himself up at an Ariana Grande concert being held at the Manchester Arena, killing 23 people and wounding 139, more than half of them children.

Indeed, ISIS has repeatedly bragged about how it has exploited refugee immigration to smuggle thousands of terrorists into Europe.

If Trump’s bid to challenge the election result fails and Joe Biden installs Blinken as his Secretary of State, expect the Middle East to be on fire within 12 months and for Europe and America to once again be subsumed by mass immigration and jihadist terror.

Biden also plans to reverse all of Trump’s executive orders on immigration, push for a blankey amnesty and expand refugee admissions to at least 125,000 migrants a year.

Good luck!


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