Denver Police Detained, Handcuffed Forty Innocent Bystanders

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June 6, 2012

Police detained and handcuffed forty innocent bystanders after a bank robbery in Aurora, Colorado, on June 4. Nearly two dozen cars were stopped near a Wells Fargo Bank and the occupants held without probable cause as police searched for a suspect.

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5 Responses to “Denver Police Detained, Handcuffed Forty Innocent Bystanders”

  1. Halt, Zeigen Sie mir Ihre Papiere….

  2. This type of incident of detainment is going to rapidly increase in the coming year as the economies both here and abroad, hit the shitter. You are going to be detained and questioned while traveling state to state, or through your own state. Be armed and ready to destroy what is evil.

  3. Everyone that was detained and handcuffed better be suing the crap out of the city county and state. If you don’t your condoning this kind of Soviet/Chinese tactics, and making it harder for people like me to stand up for our rights. Rights are like muscles if you don’t use them, if you don’t exercise them, you will lose them and its harder to get them back later than it is to fight for them now.

  4. Calling all Lawyers…… Take this on “Pro-Bono”, it ought to be an easy shot. Unlawful detention can be won. In fact if this is done as a class action it will lend weight to the suit.

    It is time we take on those bastards. Just because they have the guns on their hips does not give them the right to detain persons at random who have not committed any crime. Their excuses are moot.

    Just because you bastards want to catch a criminal does not give you the right to detain all persons in a vicinity just because you don’t want to let that criminal get away. Those are the stakes of the game you play. If you loose sight of the fleeing criminal, then he outsmarted you. Just because you don’t want to look like idiots, does not give you the right to create in-effect Martial Law whenever and wherever you want without the proper authority.

    If you idiots want to make this into war, I’m sure there are enough armed citizens who will be more than happy taking you on in a fire fight. Is this what you want, to turn our country into a war zone, of which it has not been since the Civil War.

    Your self righteousness in pursuing the unattainable goal of keeping the animals caged will get you what you least expect. You do know what Guerrilla Warfare is don’t you? You do know that your actions will not only affect you but your families as well?


  5. Everyone who was unlawfully detained needs to file suit for false arrest. Sue not only the city or county involved, also sue personally the officers involved. When these clowns fear for their property they will think twice.

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