Discover Yourself as One With the Cosmos Through Shamanic Journeying – FREE Online Event

Have you been lonely or felt the weight of isolation this past year?

Are you struggling with anxiety, and feeling vulnerable and uncertain as you face the future?

Don Oscar Miro-Quesada discovered a powerful way to meet and transform these very human feelings many years ago – through a deep shamanic journey that connected him with the healing wisdom of the sky beings of the Andean Highlands of Peru.

Now he would like to share that knowledge with you – so we are delighted to invite you to this FREE online event:

Discover Yourself as One With the Cosmos Through Shamanic Journeying: Encounter 5th Dimension Consciousness for Expanded Awareness and Healing

We all have the capacity to adopt shamanic ways of being, affirms this beloved Peruvian Maestro Curandero and renowned shamanism teacher – and you don’t need to be in the Peruvian Andes to do so.

Discover how to make contact with the starlight of your origins — the cosmic wisdom and capacity for healing we’re all connected to.

Register here for this soul-empowering hour during which you’ll:

  • Hear don Oscar’s never fully told stories of his intimate befriending of Peru’s legendary sky beings, as well as historical accounts of interdimensional encounters and their impacts on humanity
  • Discover Fifth Dimensional Consciousness and how it can dissipate feelings of loneliness and despair while deepening your connection to Spirit
  • Uncover your capacity to contact non-ordinary realities to access healing for yourself and others
  • Discover the power of stillness and peaceful surrender in aligning with sacred seen and unseen dimensions of life — a profound medicine for dark times
  • Experience a guided shamanic journey to activate the Merkabah of your human soul and access interstellar travel inwardly for expanded awareness and healing

During this fascinating hour with this highly revered shamanic elder, you will hear don Oscar’s stories of his contacts with other realms — many of which he has not yet shared.

You’ll learn about the historical evidence of otherworldly shamanic contact between Indigenous peoples and legendary visitors from the skies, and how such visitations have influenced our cultural development.

You’ll also discover how experiencing such visitations can help you cultivate the courage, strength, and love you need to face and transform life’s challenges.

RSVP here to grab your FREE place at this special event  – join us for a shamanic journey to activate the Merkabah (light spirit body) of your soul and access expanded awareness and healing.

Don’t worry if you can’t make this event live – everyone who registers will receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available.

Here’s to uncovering our starlight origins and our innate ancient wisdom!


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