Doctors Said The Baby Will Not Survive – 30 Years Later, She Is All Grown Up And Searching For The Nurse Who Saved Her

A woman decided to search for the nurse who helped save her life. Thanks to Facebook, she was reunited with him.

31-year-old Christina Jennings has a congenital heart defect. She has been in and out of hospitals all her life.

The first months of her life were spent at California’s Loma Linda University Medical Center where a nurse named Rob took very good care of her.

Christina’s mother, Beth, never forgot how great Rob was to her and her daughter. At the time, the doctors were not very optimistic that little Christina would survive but she defied expectations. She survived four open heart surgeries and has lived longer than doctors predicted.

Beth told her daughter about the nurse, Rob and how he was a source of reassurance during a very difficult time.

Speaking with ABC, Beth said that the nurse has been in her prayers throughout the years because of how kind and caring he was.

A year ago, Christina and Beth were inspired to find Rob. Beth said:

I always felt bad that I never was able to properly thank him,”

Christina took a picture of herself holding a poster with a plea for help to find Rob. She posted the photo on Facebook and within two days, they heard from Rob Newbold’s wife.

Rob said:

I started hearing from friends saying, ‘Somebody is looking for you. Eventually, my wife showed me the post and that’s how it started.”

73-year-old Rob is now retired after being a nurse for nearly 30 years. He was so glad to hear from Christina

It made me really feel good that somebody would remember me. I worked in the paediatric ICU at Loma Linda nearly my whole career so I saw lots and lots of sick children. It was so nice to hear of a good outcome and to have them contact me.”

Rob, Christina and Beth communicated on Facebook for several months. Finally, one day, the retired nurse rented a car and drove to where the ladies lived.

Speaking about the moment he met with them, Rob said.

We were like family from the moment we met. They treated me so nicely….I was a little overwhelmed.”

He spent two days with Christina and her mum and it turned out to be really amazing.


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