Donating to the Daily Stormer Legal Defense Fund is Your Duty as a White Man

Daily Stormer
May 2, 2017

We can’t do it alone fam…

As many of you know, I got very ragey and threatened to quit being a professional racist a few days back. Of course, I am not doing that. I get mad, I break my toys (metaphorically speaking, of course), but I never actually quit. After all, I do this out of love for my own people, and to be honest, I was made to do this.

So I decided that I would take a short break, but I had to come back because of this, so listen up.

This is one of those rare occasions in which I feel I must put on my Gruff Nazi Uncle hat and tell you, the reader, how it really is and what you must do. It is a task that I do not enjoy, but it must be done, and as I am the graybeard around here, it is a responsibility that I feel falls to me, so here we go.

If you are a person who cares about the existence of our race and a future for White children, this is not an option.

Our movement has been driven to new heights by the rise of Alt-Right media, and The Daily Stormer is by far the biggest media powerhouse, not only in the Alt Right, but in the entire history of the post WWII pro-White/Nationalist movement. This is not a point for debate, it is simply a fact, based on hard numbers. That is why the Jews have been attacking us in every way they can since the inception of this bastion of Pro-White thought and activism.

Therefore, you must support this site, and more specifically, my friend and the hardest working man in the Alt-Right, Andrew Anglin. This is an attempt by Organized Jewry to shut down the crown jewel of our movement, and, I hope, the place that many of you view as your community, a place where hard news, sharp critiques, great media and edgy opinion writing have all come together to create a cultural and political juggernaut that speaks to our worldview and advocates for our people.

Now, many of you have always been supportive of The Daily Stormer, so, if what I say does not apply to you, don’t be offended, because I am not talking about you.

There is no reason on Earth you cannot donate. Wesearchr is a legitimate outlet, run by Chuck Johnson, a 100% legit guy, who will not be doing anything fishy with your info. The credit card company is also completely above board. Your info is safe there. So  are you a man or a mouse? this is no time for paranoia. There is nothing to be paranoid about, to be frank.


The Daily Stormer gets over 150,000 unique visitors per day. This means that it’s not an unreasonable assessment of mine to say that very likely only a fraction of 1% of the people who read this website every day have donated. This is unacceptable.

The number of contributors shows on the Wesearchr fund page. That number will scare our enemies. Even if you only give $1, you add a +1 to that number. And that is worth the 4 minutes it will take you to fill out the donation form.

If you have one dollar to spare, you should donate that dollar. Every donation, big or small, shows the world that we have supporters. It’s awesome that we get some big donations, for instance, the fantastic Sam Hyde chipped in $5,000.00, but we need your support as well.

If a larger chunk of our readers donate, this will not only help us fight this attempt at shuttening the Stormer, it will be great PR for our movement, as well as being demoralizing to the Jews.

If you’re still trying to decide whether or not to send us a shekel or two, then let me ask you this:

You read this site every day, and you can’t send one fucking dollar to help keep it alive, on these tubes, doing the great work you’ve come to expect?

And how do you think you’re gonna help secure the existence of our people and a future for White children if you’re not even willing to chip in a dollar?

The New York Times, Washington Post and nearly every other major (((MSM))) outlet charge you to access their content and run ads. We do neither. This content is presented to you free of charge.

It doesn’t matter if you like us personally or not. Whether you think Anglin is a woman-hating psychopath, or that I’m loudmouthed and boorish, with too much emphasis on edgy material, none of this matters now. This is an attack on the White race by Jews who are trying to shut down freedom of speech on the internet, and they are attempting to set a legal precedent. If they win, the precedent is set, and then they will come after all of us.

And that, as they say, will be that.

Spread this around and let every political dissident on the internet know that the future of their freedom to say what they want online is on the line. This is the war. We cannot afford to lose this battle.

Note: We also still have our normal donation methods open, which fund this site and its content, some of which may also be used for the legal defense fund:

Bitcoin to this address:


Or donate cash, check or money order to this address:

Andrew Anglin
PO Box 208
Worthington, Ohio

Addendum: a harmless technical error resulted in an alarming warning message being displayed with Wesearchr visitors the past couple days. This in no way affected the safety or security of the site. They just forgot to renew their SSL certificate – SSL still worked fine, it just made a warning message.

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