Don’t Take the Bait, It’s Poisoned

Don’t Take the Bait, It’s Poisoned


Muslims and North Koreans are being baited to manufacture and employ Cobalt-60 dirty bombs against American targets. You are being falsely promised that these weapons will have a devastating effect which will exterminate Western Nations.

This is all bait and BS. The jews want to condition the American people to accept the idea that nuclear war against Muslim nations and North Korea is justified and necessary. Nothing would more easily so condition Americans to utterly destroy Muslim nations and North Korea than such a vicious attack. You are being primed to instigate your own absolute and eternal destruction.

America already has a legal justification for the preemptive use of WMD against North Korea. We have not yet hit NK with nuclear and other WMD’s because of the terrible consequences this would have not only for the North Korean people, but also for the entire region and the world. Japan and the Pacific Ocean are already bathing in nuclear pollution. It is clearly the jews alone who want nuclear war to break out, and they are being resisted by elements of the American military, or else we would already have struck North Korea.

If some lunatic takes the bait and hits the USA with a dirty bomb, the consequences of the false flag attack of 9/11 will pale in comparison to the horrible attacks the jews will prompt Americans to launch against North Korea and Islamic countries. No one, and I mean no one, will profit from a dirty bomb attack.

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