Two American intelligence assets on a “classified mission” were busted in a Boston hotel room with the following weapons:

Lots of ammo, an AR-15 with a bump stock and grenade launcher, and VERY IMPORTANT: These chaps had the audacity to call the police to report an attempted break in to their hotel room. . . . . while on a “classified mission” . . . . . with these weapons . . . . REPEAT: THEY HAD THE AUDACITY TO CALL THE POLICE. Guess what that means? Obviously it means they were on a government sanctioned mission, and they believed they had nothing to worry about. No genuine terror attack setup would ever call the police for anything.

This is clearly a fortunate bust of THE EASTER MASS SHOOTING. In Boston. Here is a portion of the Masachussetts news report:

Texas man who allegedly had weapons stockpile in Boston-area hotel says he was on a classified mission

A Texas man who was arrested Sunday after police said they found a weapons stockpile that included an AK-47, AR-15 and bump stock in his hotel room told investigators that he was on a classified government mission, The Lowell Sun reported.

Francho S. Bradley, 59, and Adrianne D. Jennings, 40, were taken into custody after Bradley called police to the hotel room to report that someone was breaking in. Police responded and found the weapons, the report said.

Bradley called the police while away from the room and informed authorities that he had a firearm in his hotel room.

Tewksbury police noticed rifles and said they later found smoke grenades, walkie talkies, cell phones, laptops and dozens of rounds of ammunition. Some of the weapons were reportedly recovered in a nearby vehicle.

Bradley reportedly told investigators about the secret government mission but refused to go into detail. The couple had allegedly driven from Texas to Massachusetts with the weapons.

Police obtained a search warrant for the room and Bradley’s vehicle, and ended up finding eight large-capacity guns, including an AK-47, and an AR-15 that was equipped with a bump stock, a grenade launcher, and a silencer, according to a police report.

Officers also found 19 large-capacity magazines for various guns, dozens of rounds of ammunition, laptop computers, cell phones, walkie talkies, tactical vests, and smoke grenades among other items, according to a police report.

FACT: The “Easter false flag” has been busted. The story line was going to be a black man and his wife opened fire on _________________. The patsy knew it was a government mission which gave him the audacity to call the cops to report a break in, but was quite scrambled in the head and now rather than execute the final program of blowing his own brains out, he’ll sit in a jail cell, where he will eventually be poisoned (or whatever) to shut him up.

From the weapons stache, they were going to frame up ordinary .22 rifles, all types of assault rifles, hand guns, totally ordinary deer rifles, THE WHOLE BALL OF WAX. And it is very revealing that the patsy must have lost his programming and said he was on a classified government mission. What did he do to break it down that far? Drop Ecstacy? Acid? Those drugs would probably screw up programming.

It looks to me like this particular patsy was not drugged or programmed as well as Stormy Daniels!

Source: Jim Stone



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