Enviro Nazis Seize Power – Infowars Special Report w/ Alex Jones

August 26, 2011

(8/25/2011) A 45 minute Infowars Special Report with Alex Jones and Lew Rockwell for PrisonPlanet.tv. Alex covers the outrageous carbon tax shutdown of coal plants, hitting Texas energy supplies the hardest. Field reporters speak with the public about rising energy costs and the “dangers” of carbon dioxide.

Next week the full launch of PrisonPlanet.tv begins, with Infowars Nightly News airing five times per week starting September 1st, as well as regular Special Reports, exclusive interviews and more. Thanks you for supporting alternative media; spread the word and visit PrisonPlanet.tv today to become a member.

In Part 2 of this Special Report, Alex speaks with Lew Rockwell on the Ron Paul 2012 phenomenon, the entrance of establishment favorite Gov. Rick Perry into the race, the End of the Dollar and more.

In Part 3 of this Special Report, Alex issues a message to Steve Jobs in a segment raising the question, Is Apple Evil?

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7 Responses to “Enviro Nazis Seize Power – Infowars Special Report w/ Alex Jones”

  1. When we are successful in defeating the NWO, and we will be, we will have learned the power of unity.

    We are not together yet; indeed, we are very splintered. Not really our fault, they did that to us!

    The evil scum is taking us apart systematically, one by one. Divide and conquer. Old as time itself.

    One country after another, one US city after another, one patriot after another. Inch by inch, piece by piece, unrelenting encroachment.

    They can’t take us on all at once. Time to unify. Suppose all of America, at a given time and date, marches on every fed office with cameras running? Suppose we march on local offices, police stations, courthouses, and every newspaper and TV station that has lied to us? Spread out! Be everywhere!

    We will need fearless leaders, not rabble overturning and burning cars. The instant we see agent provocateurs doing damage, take them out! And by no means gently and kindly! We need integrity, we need communication, we need to instruct our supporters in what our rights are, what not to do, so as to bring honor, not shame, to our efforts.

    Get together, join hands, drop the filthy language, racism, religious agendas.

    Getting started, let’s post ideas on how to carry this out. First priority, a rallying call. Suggestions? For starters, maybe something like:


    Throw in your suggestions. We will take a vote. Right here on InfoWars.

    Second priority, getting numbers. A nationwide effort will take millions. And we should name it OUR FREEDOM PROCLAMATION.

    Got a better name? Let’s hear it. Whatever we produce, it should bear the stamp of a declaration for peace, freedom and independence.
    It should not be a riot, looting, or vandalism. Out-of-control stupidity will surely bring on martial law.

    We’ll announce the date and time shortly before we march. They can mount some counter-offensive, but at this point, they don’t have the numbers to stop all of us. Unity and numbers…that’s our key!

    Had they the numbers, they would have killed us all by now. Do you see their strategy? Inch by inch, until ready to strike. Well, they will be terrified to know we won’t wait for that. They’ll be terrified as we pass out lists of names: Rothschilds, Banks, Bilderbergers, CFR and TC members, collaborators in Congress, university heads, corporations, McDonalds, Monsanto, Pepsi Cola, the whole lot of them. Put a bulls eye target overlying the names. ‘Nuff said? Oh yes, and carry Ron Paul 2012 signs!

    Any other constructive ideas on what we can do?

    OK? The longest mile begins with the first step. Recall the great movie, Pearl Harbor. Col. Doolittle is divulging the secret raid about to commence on Tokyo. Remember the scene? He tells them frankly they may not come back. And asks, who will step forward?

    They all do!

    • we are NEVER gonna win. they would not be so public about thier actions if they didnt have the world on lock down. the truth i feel is that we will never stop “them”, the only way to stop them is to kill them and we cant do that we cant even talk about doing it, and soon we wont be able to talk about arresting “them”. if they can get away with all that they have done and nothing happens to them, (as it is now, and has been for hundreds of years) what makes people think they can “stop” them or “win”. there are realy only 2 ways to win, and that is court or guns. the courts just laugh cause they are all sold out and guns will land everyone in jail. so they won all ready. the earth is a big space ship rollin through space, and the first class people are trying to kick everyone else off the ship. soon it will be all about WHO owns the world……do the people own it or do the top 1%

  2. I believe too much CO2 would be bad for the environment collectively! I’ve been in Prague just outside in a small town where pollutants are coming out of huge plants with unregulated chimneys that visibly clouded the town’s fresh air supply with visible soot flakes floating in the air when everyone was out in discos or sleeping! During the Day they stopped this action to clear the air! Extreme example!

    Too much of anything is bad! However it came to me tonight the Government led by Obama is stopping coal fired plants to reroute business through government facilities like Ge. “Government Electric” bringing everything electrical under federal control like a monopoly or Big Agriculture under four or five conglomerates! Could this be true?

    • In other words like with the lies played out in the Libya invasion… It’s like a little insect I know… that draws it prey by increments or little by little into a funnel like depression in the sand. It creates this to slowly get it’s prey to slide down the funnel into it’s jaws! Cool huh?
      – Just you don’t be it’s prey!

      — Big government rejected by the originators of your Constitution slowly swallowing up small businesses whole people through unnecessary excessive taxes expenses!

    • eric, all they would have to do is stop the damned chemtrailing and the atmosphere cleans itself with the help of plant life. God designed it that way. Plankton plant life is one of the biggest cleaners of all. That’s why the attacks on the planet from chemicals sprayed from planes are so devastating. They spray all over the world, every day, to where there is hardly any blue any more. We’re not going to stop it. Jesus’ return is what will put an end to it. I don’t want to see people suffer or be punished, I’d rather see everyone turn to Him and experience an abundant life. Unfortunately prophecy doesn’t play that scenario out.

    • soot flakes ain’t CO2

  3. Enviro Nazis Seize Power – Infowars Special Report w/ Alex Jones

    T h e
    b o o k y o u n o w h o l d i n y o u r h a n d s i s t h e m o s t i m p o r t a n t b o o k o f
    the twenty-first century… We— the potential resistance or opposition to U.S.
    criminal policy—have been spinning our wheels for a complete decade.
    There are a lot of reasons for this wheel-spinning, including various
    programs of very skillful and extraordinarily devious cover-up after coverup after cover-up of the central question of what did happen on 9/11.
    –Professor Eric Larse
    .checktheevidence (dot) com/pdf/towers%20book%20flyer2.pdf
    Directed Free-Energy Technology turns the thermite theory to dust! (Pun intended)
    Great work ~ Great Job ~ “/ictory is Ours”
    Many people around the world are now realising that the official story of 9/11 is almost completely false.
    Andrew, along with fellow 9/11 researcher Dr.Judy Wood have bought up a whole new set of questions, which can not be ignored and turns the thermite theory to dust! (Pun intended)
    In this presentation, we will look at the evidence as to why the story is false, but we will also look at how some elements of the “9/11 Truth Movement” seem to be trying to cover up a secret which has the potential to transform the future of mankind. How was the WTC really destroyed and why was Hurricane Erin closest to NYC at about 8am on 9/11? A look at the evidence tells us what happened and, to an extent, how it was done.
    Andrews Website
    .ebbwvaleinstitute (dot) org/news/fri-9th-september-2011-finding-the-truth-about-911-andrew-johnson
    “STARSEEDS” describe evolved beings from another planet, star system or galaxy, whose specific missions are to assist Planet Earth and her peoples to bring in the Golden Age at the turn of the millennium.
    Oceans LoVe from lightning blueray

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