EU Sets Up Combined Military HQ, Britain May be Forced to Participate Even After Brexit

Daily Stormer
May 20, 2017

The EU Army. Their mission – protecting brown rapefugees from the White girls they’re raping

The (((EU rulers))) seem to have regained some confidence after Le Pen’s loss, and are pushing for more and more (((integration))). Now, they’re taking steps to making a common army.


European Union leaders plan to move forward with the creation of an EU military headquarters within the next few days – and warn that Britain may still be expected to take part, even after Brexit.

But why? Didn’t they vote to leave? Aren’t you faggots always whining about (((democracy)))? They democratically voted to leave.

Plans to set up a joint Military Planning and Conduct Capability (MPCC) facility, agreed by all 28 member states in March, had been stalled by British objections to the facility having an operational military role.

But speaking to reports in Brussels following a meeting of EU defence ministers on Thursday, the EU’s Foreign Affairs commissioner Federica Mogherini said the path was now clear, and plans would be progressed within the next few days.

Does anyone in any EU country recall somebody asking him about it? Or even just telling them about it? Like you know, “Hey bro, we’re gonna make a common army to invade countries where saying mean things about Jews on Twitter doesn’t get you arrested, okay?” I don’t… because that’s how (((democracy))) works. This is the kind of stuff that makes me proud I’m too poor to pay taxes.

Also, doesn’t NATO already exist for the same stated purpose as this?

Meaning that the only purpose could be further entangling the European people with this quicksand-like scheme?

Britain has historically maintained opposition to an EU army, preferring instead to emphasise NATO over a possible joint European force. But quizzed on British involvement in light of Brexit, Mogherini made it clear that both sides expected the UK to play a full part in the plans until Brexit takes place, in 2019 – and possibly beyond.

“Obviously, once you are not a member state you cannot take part in the decisions but you can take part” in the missions, Mogherini said.

In other words – you’ll half-heartedly pretend you care about what the rest of us think, but the Britcucks will be literal military slaves? And then you wonder why people hate you?

A statement of conclusions agreed by the ministers and released by the Council of the EU yesterday stated that the Council “looks forward to the effective establishment, as a short term objective, of the Military Planning and Conduct Capability (MPCC) within the EU Military Staff in Brussels.”

The MPCC will work “under the political control and strategic guidance of the Political and Security Committee, the document continues, and is expected to undertake “three EU Training Missions deployed in Central African Republic, Mali and Somalia” under the guidance of the “Director General of the EU Military Staff.”

The document also reiterates the Council’s commitment to the strengthening of “EU Battlegroups (EUBGs)”, which, it says “are considered to be a coherent force package capable of conducting stand-alone operations.”

So their first order of business is to make sure the niggers invading Europe have military training? That sounds like a good idea. After all, some of White girls they’ll rape might be racist enough to fight back, so they need to be prepared to combat such vile White Supremacy… man I hate this fucking EU shit. Something has to be done to collapse it already. Le Pen fucked up, and I can’t of anything else right now that could do it, but something must be done.

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