EU to Allow Russian Gas Purchases Paid For in Rubles

Comment: This makes me laugh so hard I can’t see straight! EU is nothing but a paper tiger while Russia is a Real Bear if you get my drift.


Russia Says US Recruiting ISIS Members to Fight in Ukraine

Comment: Exactly what I have come to expect from Uncle Satan and His Demons in charge.

Kim Dotcom Warns of US Financial Collapse

By infostormer -May 15, 20220

Kim Dotcom has posted a Twitter thread describing the upcoming financial collapse of the United States. It has garnered a great deal of attention.

For those of you who don’t know who Kim Dotcom is, he’s a tech guy who has gotten into past legal trouble for allowing people to share copyrighted files on the Internet.

You can click through the above tweet to read his specific statements. But basically he describes how the nation’s debt is unsustainable and how the currency is being hyperinflated into worthlessness. He also talks about the so-called “Great Reset” and asks what the end game to all this is.

He is essentially saying the same thing that I have been saying. But I think anybody that has any sort of intelligence can come to the same conclusion. It is just basic common sense that this system can’t continue and will end.

It’s actually good to see that there is a growing group of WHITE male tech people, all who have accomplished substantive things in their lives, who are fed up with what’s going on. I hope they start making some moves to seize power as this system collapses. Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter is an indication that we may start seeing this happen. These people have to understand that the current situation is not good for anybody including themselves.

I’d also rather have these tech people running things than the incompetent lunatics currently in charge.

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