Europe Unveils New Gun Laws: "Like Putting A Band-Aid On A Bullet Wound"

The EU has almost regulated firearms enough to keep people completely safe from terrorism. Just one more law, and they should be able to usher Europe into a new age of utopian peace.

What happened:

The European Parliament passed a bill this month which closes loopholes in regards to “acoustic” and “deactivated” prop guns to make them irreversibly unusable.

If the law passes the Council of Ministers, it will also apply stricter regulations on semi-autos with high capacity magazines.

Included in the bill are obligations of member states to monitor the issuance of firearms licenses, and share that information across the EU.

Countries in the EU will have 30 months to implement the required procedures for tracking firearms.

What this means:

With so much focus on tracking firearms, it is interesting to note that one of the weapons used in the Paris terror attacks may have been acquired through “Operation Fast and Furious,” where the ATF purposely leaked guns into criminal hands for the supposed purpose of tracking them.

But yes, why doesn’t the European Parliament simply require more tracking of guns, since it has worked so well in the past.

And then of course we will have to ban trucks, since those have been used in multiple terror attacks across Europe.

Because the root of the issue is access to items that could be used as weapons, right? It has nothing to do with deep ideological differences of people from a region plagued by war.

The EU passing more gun laws is like putting a bandaid on a bullet wound.

The vice grip of government tightens; as always they say just a little more control will keep everyone safe.

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