Exclusive: Anthony Sabatini ‘Proud to Be Endorsed’ by Rand Paul in Florida House Race

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Wednesday endorsed Florida state Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R) in Florida’s 7th Congressional District race.

“I am officially announcing my endorsement for Anthony Sabatini for Congress,” Paul wrote in a press release. “The man is a true patriot who loves our country and will be one of my greatest allies when he is elected to Congress.”

“Anthony Sabatini is a bold leader in the state of Florida who isn’t afraid to fight for an America-First agenda, the Constitution, and liberty,” Paul continued, further outlining Sabatini’s accomplishments:

  • Led the fight in Florida to back up my efforts to FIRE FAUCI
  • He helped BAN Critical Race Theory in public schools
  • Responsible for STOPPING the Radical Left’s attempt to force vaccine passports
  • He is unabashedly a Trump supporter and member of the America-First movement
  • Anthony Sabatini is proud to be a pro-life and Second Amendment champion
  • He believes in the Bill of Rights and is a strict Constitutionalist

Sabatini told Breitbart News he is “proud to be endorsed by our strongest conservative fighter in the United States Senate.”

“Nobody has fought harder against COVID [Chinese coronavirus] tyranny and the corruption of Fauci than Senator Rand Paul,” Sabatini said. “I’ve been proud to fight alongside him against the deep state and and corrupt bureaucrats for the last year and a half and I look forward to continuing to do so continue to do so in the future.”

As a state legislator, Sabatini has called for Fauci to be thrown in jail due to his funding of the Wuhan lab in China, demanded an immigration moratorium to protect American workers’ wages and reduce crime, and pushed Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) to prohibit mask mandates for the upcoming school year. He additionally has urged DeSantis to call a special legislative session to ban “woke corporations, tyrannical local governments, and radical school boards” from implementing their own vaccine and mask mandates.

Sabatini’s opponent, Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL), made an obscene gesture in July when asked if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) “should be arrested for breaking her own mask mandate.”

“Congresswoman Murphy, quick question: do you think Nancy Pelosi should be arrested for breaking her own mask mandate?” a reporter asked her in Washington, D.C. Murphy said nothing but flipped the bird at the reporter and kept walking.

Sabatini told Breitbart News that Murphy “is not fit for office and probably not mentally stable.”


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