EXPOSED: Test has only Chinese ‘Certificate of Conformity’

Australians are getting conned by a Chinese ‘Certificate of Conformity’ with regards to a particular test for an alleged disease that has been around for over 3 years now.

Unfortunately you will not be informed of this information by the mainstream media, as they have deliberately covered up many facts with regards to this topic.
To put this into perspective:
Can Chinese (electrical) goods be sold or rather used in Australia without the appropriate Australian authority’s approval?
Quite simply put, No.
Has a Chinese ‘Certificate of Conformity’ in relatition to one’s status of the alleged disease, any legal standing in Australia?
Once again quite simply put, No.
A test done in Australian laboratories for a particular disease does not have NATA approval nor is it validated to be accurate as can be seen in such a test as shown below:

These are the facts as of the date of this post.
Currently, this test is one of the largest government supported farces going around.
The above unsubstantiated single use test cost $7.95.


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