Flash flood


This is the horrifying moment a woman is trapped in her car with water rising inside and around the vehicle during flash flooding in Brazil.

Heavy rainfall began at around 4.30pm local time in Belo Horizonte which reportedly caused extreme flooding, power outages and landslides.

Footage captures the terrifying moment when a woman is caught in the dangerous weather.

She can be heard screaming as the water fills up her car as the scene outside is also flooded.

Further video footage, released by the Fire Department, showed cars being dragged along by ferocious murky waters along a street in the west of the city which was hit particularly hard by the storm.

The vehicles smash into one another as the flooding leaves behind a path of destruction.

The Fire Department reported no deaths due to the treacherous weather which occurred Friday.

However one person was left seriously injured, with a possible spinal injury revealed the Folha de S.Paulo.

In one of the two landslides reported to emergency services, two women were found buried in the rubble of a house.

They were rescued by firefighters and sent to hospital, where the oldest victim at 46, was found to have a leg injury.

The other woman, 21, was treated for hypothermia and a suspected spinal injury as she couldn’t at first move her legs when rescued.