Facebook (Jewbook) blocked me again

Jewbook police are out suppressing the truth when it comes to CIA’s Facebook creation.

So far I have been banned 15 times in 8 months for sharing the truth about the Zionist Jews.

Sign up to this website guys and never have fear of being censored by the Jewish World Order https://www.worldtruth.org/


Blocked again for sharing the truth on Facebook (Jewbook)

Please Verify Your Identity

We’ve received feedback that your account may not be real. Facebook is a community where people share and interact using their real identities.

Facebook does not allow accounts that:

  • Pretend to be someone else
  • Use a fake name
  • Don’t represent a real person
In order to regain access to your account, please complete the following security check to verify your identity and help keep Facebook secure.
You guys should get a kick out of this one..
This is the type of tactic Facebook Jews use to prevent truth tellers from getting back into Facebook.
Not even Mark Zuckerberg can identify all his friends image tags in their photo albums.. so why should I?
anti semitism
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